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On Trt and wanting to blast looking for advice on first cycle.

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38 years old, 205 lbs probably around 20% boday fat. Always hit the gym hard 5 days a week, eat clean live clean. Looking good, feeling good but have leveled off on weight and seems like gains too. Im ready to burn hot and put on some mass. Finished 3 months of cjc1295 and Ipamorelin around 2 months ago, decent result but want more bang for my buck. I need advice from the community. For a good heavy hitter first cycle on trt. First question is do I really need any kind of pct? since I'll be cruisen after cycle. My test levels after labs are around 950. My other concern is my estro stays on the higher side arond 58, I've posted on that before and got some good advice. But was wondering what and how much of an AI I need to run and when to start running it. Currently on test cypionate at 180 a week. Thanks in advance for the input

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Id tweak diet and lose fat. It will make you look bigger visually and you wont have as many issues with e2 etc.

Read @makwas food forums

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Already did shred on peptides got down to 195 from 230. leveled out at 205. Your right though total difference in appearance after the weight loss. Come on Rustyhooker what would you run? Test only? What kind? And what kind of AI I'm ready put me in the game coach LOL fixing to place an order and trying to decide what I want to run