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Added quite a few new members and folks that are interested...reply below and request add.

To folks helping new users...theyre new so we are chatting first cycles and basics. Test, ai and pct with emphasis on bloods. Yes a new serious gym goer can add a solid 10-15 pounds if food and gym are on point.

Food is really important! Its the fuel to recover. Gear has a mystique but only assists recovery. What that really means is diet on piint and good gym routines. If gym is lacking then what is there to repair? And if good nutrients arent available then recovery is halted.

Please do not advise harsh compounds to new folks. You can gain on just 300mg of testosterone so keep it simple. EAT AND GROW!

Welcome aboard!!

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Good to see many new folks here. Read up...lots to lear so you can keep it simple and enjoy a nice cycle

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Hey thank you @Rustyhooker!

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Enjoy sir!

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Seeing many new members in here! Welcome!!

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Love this! currently reaping the rewards of eating like an animal on cycle. Also upping the training volume and intensity as well. I think something that is super understated is sleep. Getting good sleep is a huge difference maker on or off cycle.

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Yes!!! Reset the cns with rest and get the natural hgh pulses too.

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add, please.

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Already in Smile

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just making sure! --

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Welcome aboard!

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Hey everyone, recently started a 16 week 300 mg test e cycle. I also will a bit later on add 20-30 mg of anavar per day. I am doing this on a bulk and wanted to use dbol but wimped out because of the androgenic side effects lol. I have done countless hours of research but i realize i still have so much to learn.

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12 weeks is plenty. Going 16 just hinders the recovery and more time off as well. Pct? Blood test? Ai?