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Hey guys, I’ve been out of the gym scene for quite some time, so my supplier that I used to use is no longer available. I’m looking for some Domestic Gear. You guys think you can point me in the right direction of some good quality gear at a good price!?


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my recommendation would be Driada ..... very good effect top price ... on the website there is a laboratory test for almost every product!!!

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There are top manufacturers on the site, feel free to choose from them, they are reliable and work great

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Try one of the ones from the Top 10 list. Even the Top 25 would suit you well.

Then again,..... you could try bottom fishing.

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Just go to Sources > Reviews and chose your region, list of suppliers will popup with their ranking, 1 being the best to higher numbers not being so great.

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Eroids is a review site....dont be too lazy here

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