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Compounds Ratios

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I read in some of the posts in this forum people talking about ratios of compounds to be consumed together in a cycle like Test/Deca should be 2:1 and .... Is there any chart that has all these ratios to use when planning for a cycle? And are these ratios backed by science or more of a rule of thumb and by experience?

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You have been given good information in your other posts.
Obviously it wasn't what you wanted to hear.
You are very much becoming a troll.

-1 or -2 ???

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Furst cycle....test. food...gym. im negging this podt for trolling

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You only need one compound on your first cycle, don’t get ahead of yourself bud.

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there is ONE best way of ratio
same popel can do 1:1
another 1(test) : 2-3 (deka)
other can do 3 (test) : 1 (deka)

first - consider how cycle affect your bloods (deka can more increase hematocrit and hemoglobine)
but if You dont have problem whith that You can go more deka

second - how you aromatise to estradiol.
If yuo do very high aromitise you can go lower test and higher deka.

third - how much increase ypu prolactine
propably deka will more increase prolactin so

Deka and test will fight for androgen receptors.
But deka is more powerful steoroids. So when you use a lot of test - tehy will cover receptors. It will be no space for deka.
Remember to left some for deka. So go 800 test + 100mg deka is not best idea.

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Safe to say general rule of thumb. Bloodwork is the only honest and safe gague to see how your body is responding and reacting to the compounds you're taking. After 6-8 weeks get labwork done and adjust from there. It's not a bad idea to do this your first couple cycles regardless.

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Interested on this topic as well

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