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+ 1 Tren Cough theories and remedies.

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That Ohhhh FFS!! feeling in your throat like a hollow expanding tumbleweed that get's all of us.

Supposedly solvent's cause it when they enter a vessel into the bloodstream, etc etc. I don't agree.

What are everyone's theories on why it happens and also how you prevent it, possibly eliminate it even.

My Experience,
The jerk tumbleweed attacks whenever it like's with sneaky tactics just to fuck with you. Sometimes it comes on slow and you can hold it till the shot is done, preparing yourself for what's about to happen, or as soon as you touch the plunger, I've had it happen hours after a shot in the cinema, that was fun.
I personally get vocal and merge every cough into every bodies favourite's, fuck, C**T, Bitch, Prick and if it's a bad one where I'm stripping clothes off, sweating, drooling and exhausted I'll plead with the fucker, Like: "Common", "Are you serious?", "No More", "I've had a shower already"......"FFS".
That means it's good Tren yeah???

I was told once by a mate that if you feel the cough coming give a swab a massive sniff and it'll go away....Never tried it.
I avoided muscles that always made me cough but I found out I could eliminate it completely in myself with my Test levels, it also worked for a few mate's.

I was on some rather high amount's when I noticed I didn't cough anymore and could pin anywhere, Plus a few other side effect's I wasn't aware of too.
Basically my Test had to be double my Tren dosage per week and if I had to start Test at the start of a cycle before introducing Tren and I'd get no cough.

How has your relationship been with Tren?

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it's crazy hey how it happens but it just does lol. I no longer touch tren because I can't afford the sides that come with it because of my job, lack of sleep and the very short fuse it gives me isn't a good mix with my job so I don't touch it, but I used to love it, even half a ml with some test would having me cough up a lung for a good 30 sec-minute after every jab.