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Abnormal side effects from Test C.

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I thought I'd ask here before researching on Google or other forums, Hopefully someone here knows and we'll get some talk going.

Has anyone else known people to have adverse effects when using Test Cyp?
Two mates both suffered extreme character changes, their behaviour, Mental state and decision making weren't standard.
I don't want to write an essay explaining things but both used cyp at different times and don't know eachother but both suffered the same issues which seem to be
linked with Cyp. Both haven't used Cyp again and they both used Test E since with no issues.

For example one side they both had was increased aggression, Not just a shorter fuse where you cbf with people's bullshit, I'd almost say it's as if they displayed
the "stereotypical" roid rage in a way.

Anyone else know of this happening or maybe went through it and wasn't aware it may have been Cyp?

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Sounds like mis-labeled vial of Tren, quality control at bathtub/underground labs is not what their advertising or medical standards say it should be.