Deciding dose?

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Hey I thought I should post this in here due to the fact that it could potentially send a naive person to go blast their brains out if they read someone's cycle that's very advanced.

That being said I am curious as to what you guys do to decide the dose you're going to run. Personally it's been a simple add a bit more from a previous cycles. The issue I run into is when changing compounds, for example if I am use to running NPP in a mass cycle, how would DHB correlate? For any time before this I have taken the OG stacking post Makwa and just gone with that.

Just curious as to your decision making.

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If it’s a new compound I’ll talk to members that I respect and trust who are experienced with it, gather info and start at their recommendation. If ive ran the compound before I did what you do and add a little more here and there but I’ve peaked what I can run without running into sides so although I’ll occasionally push it I’ll tend to stick to dosages I can manage and feel good on which in turn means I can put more energy into eating, training and sleeping.

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I also wonder as to what my expectations should be. Like if I up my dose on test by 100mg but only have a cycle that yields a pound of muscle, then I wonder if that means I should have done more but I don’t know if 250mg increase or more would have even had a difference