2 gram deca only cycle

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So I was running my usual offseason bulker/recomp of a gram of deca solo. Loving the gains for 8-10 weeks and getting my strength back. Started to see progress slow and decided to push the envelope a bit and up it. I don’t see any side effects from deca only except perhaps shedding, could just be getting older though.

Since the increase to 2 grams I’ve been feeling PUMPED as a motherfucker. My BP is creeping up a bit which does not happen at lower doses so I’m keeping an eye on it, but just wanted to float out that guys who aromatize heavily and can’t run test high have other options. I’ll post up a progress shot in a month or two to evaluate the effects of this little experiment but so far it has been very positive.

It’s been quiet in here lately, what are my monsters running? Post up your big boy cycles.

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How’d this cycle end up going?

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It was good man I probably started around 235 ~10% and finished at 250 ~12%. Still made some improvements to my chest which was my goal. Now I’m cutting things down and I’m in a good place to come in crispy around 220. I did find that 2 grams even with zero test did start to run my BP up a bit too much for my liking. Next time I’ll keep it around 1200 and add things like primo or DHB to up my dose without additional sides.

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I love it! Nice nasty brother! Where the slin at?!

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Haha no need right now man. I was actually running high glucose for a bit there and had to knock the carbs down but it’s all sorted now. Needed to take a break from the gh to get it back in order though.

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No dec dick problems?

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Nope, if anything my libido and performance are better than normal. Dec dick isn’t actually caused by Deca, it’s caused by testosterone.
When you’re on deca you’re extra sensitive to aromatization side effects, so if you take something that aromatizes along side it (like testosterone) then you get all kinds of issues. If you don’t, you won’t.

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Do let us know how this continues to go.

Cialis for BP has been amazing for me!

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Thats a bigboy cycle bro!back in the day is what bbs were running like a talked to a ex pro from the 80s and he only ran deca and var and was test whatsoever and said the pct was a breeZe.

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Well BM I'm currently running. Nothing. Taking a much needed break and my body is enjoying it. I have a DOT physical coming in April and if all is good I'm gonna blast off when my diet is right. Not sure what to run yet. I normally have these things planned out but haven't thought that far ahead for a change

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I love the clarity of being off. No pressure to put the drugs to use, and you know you don’t “have” to be at your best. I find more time for friends and family during those times as well. I hope you’re enjoying your much deserved break.