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Advanced cycles v2.0

A new group for this topic. The original was ran by a member who was removed. a newbie free zone for advanced discussions.
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Deciding dose?
Zalewski Apr, 2021
Hey I thought I should post this in here due to the fact tha...
LindsayJackson, 2 years 10 months ago 3
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  • 2 gram deca only cycle
    Bearded_muscle Mar, 2021
    So I was running my usual offseason bulker/recomp of a gram...
    Bearded_muscle, 2 years 11 months ago 10
    Getting nasty trying new stuffs
    Jim Layhey Jan, 2021
    Looking to grow as much as humanly possible. But wanna do th...
    GrowMore, 3 years 1 week ago 21
    Cycle to kick things off (shut downs no longer in my way) [also welcome, Makwa!]
    MonstrousS Jan, 2021
    Hey folks. So, basically I'm in the US, and during the first...
    Bearded_muscle, 3 years 2 months ago 5
    Appetite and bloat Q’s
    Shitforbrains Dec, 2020
    Hey fellas. Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. Just w...
    Shitforbrains, 3 years 1 month ago 26
    Cialis, Viagra, and the like.
    MonstrousS Nov, 2020
    So I take 10-20 mgs of cialis every couple days, originally...
    Jim Layhey, 3 years 2 months ago 10
    Rich Piana Bigger by the Day cycle written out
    Zalewski Nov, 2020
    Hey guys just thought I’d post that cycle Rich did a few yea...
    MonstrousS, 3 years 3 months ago 14
    Press 1 made a training focused group. Let's get up in there too!
    MonstrousS Nov, 2020
    That's it. You know you love to read about training, talk ab...
    MonstrousS, 3 years 5 months ago 0
    Tren esters--- why tho?
    MonstrousS Oct, 2020
    So, i'm just over here wondering like, wtf is going on? N...
    MonstrousS, 3 years 5 months ago 7
    SERMs for estrogen control
    Anonymous Oct, 2020
    How many of you don't bother capping your estrogen at a low...
    Jim Layhey, 3 years 5 months ago 4
    Coming off cycle
    Jim Layhey Oct, 2020
    Been off my cycle now since the 11th. Only taking 250mg of c...
    Jim Layhey, 3 years 6 months ago 0
    Eeeen sooooo lynnnnnnn
    Jim Layhey Oct, 2020
    Now that the squares aren’t watching I wanna hear your proto...
    MonstrousS, 3 years 5 months ago 65
    New cycle
    MonstrousS Oct, 2020
    The last cycle I posted didn't work out. The DHB I had was j...
    MonstrousS, 3 years 5 months ago 40
    Primo virgin
    Jim Layhey Sep, 2020
    Debating running next, what’s everyone’s doses/protocol look...
    exoticnfit, 3 years 6 months ago 38
    Best ever Anadrol Lab?
    press1 Sep, 2020
    For some damn reason even though Anadrol is very cheap to bu...
    Tripod 66, 3 years 5 months ago 78
    Large dosages with long esters
    Bulkdaddy Sep, 2020
    I’m starting to realize running high dosages of test you nee...
    exoticnfit, 3 years 6 months ago 16
    COMEBACK going strong ,high test,mast, primo + DHB
    josipgates Sep, 2020
    Cycle is : 250mg test e + 100mg p EOD Mast e 200mg EOD Pr...
    Goodfella1118, 3 years 1 month ago 24
    Bug out bag for the gear head
    MonstrousS Sep, 2020
    So, here in America, it's really feeling like the end is nea...
    josipgates, 3 years 7 months ago 32
    Dual 19's CYCLE
    Anonymous Sep, 2020
    750 test c 200 mast e 500 deca **400 tren e** **150 tren...
    MonstrousS, 3 years 6 months ago 89
    All Things Trrr'enbolone ...
    press1 Aug, 2020
    Just thought I would create a post dedicated to the Devil's...
    MonstrousS, 3 years 5 months ago 24
    All things esterless and injectable orals
    MonstrousS Aug, 2020
    Kind of broad spectrum topic to get various discussions goin...
    Bulkdaddy, 3 years 6 months ago 28
    pharm grade somatropin
    MonstrousS Aug, 2020
    How does everyone structure their GH runs? Ramping up, prefe...
    MonstrousS, 3 years 7 months ago 9
    My mass cycle
    Bulkdaddy Aug, 2020
    Test e 900mg a week 1-16 Tren e 700mg a week 1-14 Mast e...
    exoticnfit, 3 years 4 months ago 111
    Powerlifting advanced cycles
    MonstrousS Aug, 2020
    Hey group. Thought of another topic that might be fun to get...
    MonstrousS, 3 years 8 months ago 2
    Cycle Opinion
    Zalewski Aug, 2020
    Hey guys, glad to be here in this group, I know everyone so...
    Bulkdaddy, 3 years 7 months ago 14
    Stacking 19-nors
    MonstrousS Jul, 2020
    This topic comes up in various places of the public forum bu...
    MonstrousS, 3 years 8 months ago 2
    Group purpose
    MonstrousS Jul, 2020
    The original group for this topic was created by a member wh...
    Bill G, 3 years 8 months ago 9
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