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X-ARM (MMA + Arm wrestling COMBINED)

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The testosterone levels are flowing all over this sport. This is A manly Man's Grandfather of All Fathers of manly MEN sport. No need in me describing it. Just WATCH

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You know what is not bad, i have not heard when the next one is or if they still are in business but if they had more money behind them or if UFC bought them out like showtime MMA etc pride etc BKFC bare knuckle fighting, couple good fights there... MMA is basically the same because 4 oz gloves are not protecting your face and they are not stopping your hand from being broken, but in a non brutal society or humans are not animals the politicians used before they finally approved MMA in all 50 states. They really need gloves to figure out how not to eye poke... Really throughs the flow of the fight...One way or the other...Imagine a hard ass punch with fingers in there... Thanks

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The funny thing is Art Davie is behind this and he was the original founder of the UFC. Oddly enough he's not SUPER rich. Still worth millions but lost out on SEVERAL millions... several hundreds of millions when he sold the UFC. And BKFC is an AWESOME sport. I'm really surprised kickboxing isn't more popular than regular boxing. You would think...there's definitely an element of danger higher than boxing. And Muay Thai with the traditional rules is REALLY exciting... Headbutts, elbows, knees...the whole shabang. no pads and no gloves. You should see how those guys condition their time you accidentally hit your shin on something and it hurts. Go watch one of the shin conditioning videos of Muay Thai fighters...holy...SHIT

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It would help to be tall. Because knees look like they can be brutal locked up like that

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That’s retarded

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You think THATS retarded? Here's A little clip of the professional shin kicking championship....

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Lol, for fucks sake... this has got to be in Ireland.

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They also have professional shin kicking. Tie each other's leading legs together and proceed to just kick the living shit out of each other's shins.