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It's arguably the most controversial performance enhancing drug available. It took me ten years to take the Tren dive. I kept reading horror stories and yet I also would read about how fucking effective the drug is. The stuff is as close to a magic potion for muscles as we can get... HOWEVER...the psychological effects are something to be discussed. I just one month ago did my last shot of TREN E. I don't have any horror stories but I will share my experience. I started at 100mg a week the first couple weeks. I figured I would better acclimate to it that way. Everything was going fine. Decided to bump it up to 200mg the 4th week. Then decided to just stay there. I felt GREAT... going into 6-8 weeks but the night sweats had begun and I would wake up sheets all wet and gross. I wouldn't even spend the night at the girl I was datings house nor had her stay overnight with me...it would have grossed her out. But I would go to sleep comfortably then wake up with chills from the fan being on. My sleep never really was an issue either. No "trensomnia" or anything. But I really did notice a change in my attitude and the way I handled things. I could think I'm totally fine then the stupidest little thing had me spitting venom at people. And I recognized that it wasn't "me". So, I got to a point I just made myself be more conscious of how I acted. If I got angry I would go by myself somewhere and think "Ok...are you REALLY that mad ? Or is it Tren?" The fact I even had to ask myself was confirmation enough it was the drug.i felt like an irritable superman. Felt like I could handle any situation but in an aggressive manner. ZERO patience...I'm talking NONE lol. I spit some venom on here before...you guys have witnessed my many times of almost getting myself banned. DC the #1 domestic source felt my wrath via messages and emails lol. I am really embarrassed by how I handled business. I'm not like that. I'm ALWAYS very professional and I just couldn't hold my tounge (or fingers) from texting some harsh words. DC is professional as hell though. He handled me well (no homo). He did tell me we weren't going to do business anymore if I didn't cool down a bit lol. So, I've apologized to those who deserve it. And now looking back with a clear tren free head I can REALLY see how I behaved and thought....it's a weird drug man. The physical results? Goddamn ....losing fat and gaining muscle and strength at the same time without even changing my diet was NICE....I ate all the time and pretty much what I wanted. From one week to the next my body changed ...I swear....I now have veins showing were I've NEVER seen them...my chest and my left delt has a gnarly ass vein running from my delt straight into my bicep. My forearms look like road maps. I've never seen veins in my legs before. Now I can see them in my calves and on my thighs. NEVER have had this vascularity...30 years of weight training and athletics....and I have not lost any of it. The only thing I've noticed is I have gained some fat back. I'm heavier. But still man....it's been a month of being off and I still look great. Bros I've never got so many looks and compliments in my entire LIFE until now. The verdict? Tren is legit as fuck. Highly highly effective... would I do it again? No. Not fucking with anything that effects my mind and behavior...that's scary to me. But knowing all this and going back to the beginning I would absolutely do it the one time....just not again...

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Touchee Touchee to you all. Very nice... Right now i am not making any deals with the guy downstairs... I will wait a bit more... Much Thanks

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Do you normally make deals with the guy downstairs? I'm currently doing business with the guy on the couch. Halsey does deals with the guy upstairs. Press1 does deals with the guy nextdoor, and wanted does deals with the guy on the carport. I once did deals with the guy on the sidewalk but he was killed in a deal gone wrong by the guy in the driveway. The guy in the driveway was arrested and now goes by the guy on deathrow. And he's being held by the guy in the prison guard uniform.
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Yeah the guy on the sidewalk i heard that was a raw deal.. It was a Bad concrete job they poured for the guy in the driveway. From now on i am going to try to make deals with the guy upstairs if he lets me...

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Whats going on, i never did Tren but I am interested in doing it. Did you do the usual Test base whatever ester plus the tren? and what do you think is a long enough cycle of tren E to see decent gains but not get a lot of side effects. Did you use an AI and what type do you think is the best in your opinion, Also estimating the percent of people getting negative side effects would you say 6 out of 10, 2 out of 10 etc. Also it seems that the gains are really good that there usually is a negative that comes back at you. You mentioned after a month your gains are still pretty good, and the usual slight losses can happen, In your guys opinions do you keep a good amount of your gains as long as you do your best at PCT and some months after assuming you are maintaining yourself as best you can I know we are all different however some things we do have in common and that is what i am asking in general. Is it worth it????????????

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I'll just roll all those questions up in a ball...roll it around my brain and spit out what comes from it.....

Ok, I'm just going to say that I'm glad that I did TREN once but I won't do it again. TREN is like making a deal with the devil. You'll get what you ask for but it will come with consequences you didn't ask for.

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Your not gona keep tren gains but you will keep the police record tren gives you forever

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Your questions alone scream you are nowhere near ready to be running tren.

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I would say 9/10 people get side effects from it, very few people actually enjoy running it. It can be quite dose dependant though. You need to begin with Tren ace bud so if you don't like it you can get it out of your system quick as the enanthate version lingers for quite some time in the blood. Being brutally honest you start losing your gains from tren as soon as you come off it unfortunately - 4 or 5 days then boom you start becoming a normal human being again fairly quickly and cease being superman in the gym lol It will get you to a level that you will never get to on other compounds such as Mast, EQ, Test. DHB etc but never go over 8 weeks on it due to its toxicity or you will pay the price in the end with one of your bodily organs.

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I’ve gotta be honest, I ran a tren blend last summer. My temper was out of control. I was so hostile & aggressive it cost me a relationship.

I will say that currently I’m Test C & P + Annie + Mast prop not quite blasting on the test Bc I’m not looking for too much more size but I’ve noticed since incorporating the last my temper has gotten pretty damn nasty. It’s as if I can’t stop the words from coming out of my mouth even when I know I should. Love the effects of the mast but feel like an asshole half the times for the way I speak to ppl in my life or business.

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I must admit I'm the same - when not on trenbolone in daily life if say a noisy neighbour asks me how I am in the hallway in passing I will just begrudgingly say 'yeh I'm fine' and not get into a discussion with them. If I am on tren and they ask me I just cannot stop myself from telling them exactly how I feel about what they are doing. Its almost like a truth serum where I am thinking no just keep quiet and let it go but my mouth takes over and says 'well actually I'm getting really fuckin pissed off ..... LMAO Normally the look on their faces quickly turns into Jesus I wish I never asked lol

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Yep it’s not tren it’s sodium pentathol -- I mean if I couldn’t find a shirt I wanted in the closet I’d rip it apart & throw everything everywhere like a child. Who was I spiting ? Me! --‍♂️ but I did just order a f ton of tren blend to get ready for summer --

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You are a "bit emotional" at times!

Stay off tren .

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Well Tronny baby I've been off the tren about 5 weeks now as my liver values were too high after about 4 months with Dbol Lol so I'm having a boring time and what feels like just treading water Sad If you can manage to tolerate it then it really is the best steroid especially if you love lifting more iron each workout, there is no substitute. Muscle recovery time goes from 4/5 days to 2 days, tendons 1 week to 3 days. The muscle seems to heal stronger too as I always get injured when I'm not on the stuff lol Its weird as when I don't run it then it feels like I'm not even doing steroids - which sounds bad!!! haha Kinda one of those things its best not to try then ya don't know what you are missing - the forbidden fruit so to speak. I always pin it 700mg/wk and can run it 840mg/wk no problem but it starts getting bloody expensive thats the problem. Shame its just so damaging to your insides, the mental feeling I prefer in all honesty than being off it. Gives me a high removed feeling.

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Tren definitely plays some psychological warfare waging within, actual tren from a legit source the gains are definitely insane but you better have one strong ass mind to be able to handle it. Especially if you pyramid from 100 to 200 mg or better a week.

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When I hear these guys running 300-400mg a week I can't imagine what THAT psychological warfare could be like. I like to feel good on a cycle. I avoid compounds that cause me anxiety, depression, being lethargic, etc...it's absolutely not worth it to me.