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If you're a fan of fighting but prefer the more street fighting styles of lesser rules with a more dangerous mystique as A presence . This is THE channel for you. The production is professional and carries with it a "movie like" feel to it. The fights are brutal. It's all illegal. And ran by some gangsters. Just watch what happens at around 2:15 I believe in which someone in the crowd desires to interfere with one of the fighters...I've never seen any of these fights last very long and they are always action packed.


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God damn! Hang a chainsaw and a big hammer and you e got the thunderdome. We may not be far off from seeing that...

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I’m going to be that boring cunt as always and say I hate to see this, I love watching a good scrap and getting involved in one but an organised fight on concrete is a death waiting to happen. I had a good friend die during a fight because his head hit the concrete after getting clocked on the jaw. Wife, children, whole family ruined. An actual street fight is obviously different and it’s all game, biting, eye gouging, head kicks the lot is going to be used.

The British BKB is pretty decent for all out bare knuckle boxing but doesn’t make me wince anytime someone’s head hits the matt.

The gypsy fights over here in the UK are a good watch, although they’re nowhere near a professional standard they go toe to toe and knock 7 bells out of each other and either want to lose face.

Edit: I’m now slowly making my way through the videos. Brutal stuff.

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Theres a few eccentric fight clubs out there. One of them is the Team fighting challenge in which it's practically an all out gang fight...5 on 5 at once...soccer kicks and head stomps being allowed it can get really brutal when only one guy is left on one team and three are left on the other...let the stomping begin.

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Two good Films I've seen in the last 2 weeks are 'Born a Champion' about a BJJ Fighter in the MMA world and how it all originated in the deserts of Dubai - and Mortal Combat 2021 which is a remake of the video game and is surprisingly good - FINISH HIIMMMMMM!!! Flawless VICTORRYYYY LMFAO

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Wow I LOVE mortal Kombat...I NEED to see the movie you're talking about.