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I'm sure it's worldwide, but I can speak firmly for the US. We have a constitution, one that worth standing up and fighting for. There seems to be a constant stripping of Americans rights, hard working country loving Americans, and a pandering to those who are not. The list is too long to post in an initial post, but this shit is getting ridiculous. Let me work, pay bills, not have any transaction over $600 regarding my bank account be looked at by the government, and damnit let me have my testosterone and some anabolics. Bloods and physicals are better now than they were years ago. Even when I'm over a gram a week. But I could get enough alcohol or Tylenol to kill myself without question. Wtf is going on these days?

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Lets start A new world order

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Or do what you want. If you're A transgender or whatever then ok. But don't expect special treatment and don't expect people to glorify it. We've set things up to where anybody can get away with anything. If it has to do with gender, sexuality, and or race. Let people live the way they want. COOL but don't change the way others live going into women's bathrooms and "You can't go in there!" ..."Yes I can! I identify as A woman and you're A MONSTER for saying ANYTHING to me!!!" Meanwhile there are pre teen girls ...and or young teen girls trying to nervously use the bathroom...

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Trust me , watch it

He’s predicting what Facebook and tic toc and instagram and cnn and Fox News and uneducated politicians will do to America

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We all are getting Californiacation… god damn pussies .. don’t talk to me like that you might hurt my feelings… fuck that .. call a spade a spade a fag a fag.. there is no god damn gender neutral bathrooms.. and what the fuck is this shit of people not choosing to idintif gender..: fuck me running… you either stand to piss or sit.. no damn in between

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I’ve seen girls stand and piss quite successfully

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Were you laying underneath them?

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I'm very tolerant. My brother in law is gay, wife's brother. He's legally married to a man. (Who runs test and had a go at GH lol). But, regardless, even my gay brother in law and his husband are getting disgusted. They don't want women in their men's bathroom, and he's the parent of a daughter. He doesn't want a man in the woman's room. I guess a gender neutral bathroom is great, it's a choice, but don't bitch at what you see after going in there. Shit is getting out of control man, seriously. I live in Delaware, my family was friendly with Biden. He kept my dad working by using his small business, he kept my grandparents happy by making a lot of money happen for the Disabled American Veteran association that my grandfather petioned for. But he's not that guy anymore. And people in this country have gotten soft. Sometimes it's ok to argue with your wife and sleep on the couch, ear TV dinners for a few days. What in the actual fuck is going on?