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+ 2 GEAR STORIES-The most fucked up shit that's ever happened

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About 7 years ago when I was still drinking every night. (Sober almost 4 years now) I had a few too many and I realized it was injection day...I forgot...so... naturally I go in the bathroom and draw the oil up...but right before that I had been texting this beautiful girl back and forth...I met her at "Twin Peaks" ...so you know she was A classy gal lol...in reality...SEXY...she was going to audition (however that works) to be on the miller light bikini girl calendar...now I'm giving you this mental image of her so you will understand the situation from my point of view and how it all happened...I'm injecting 2cc and my phone goes off on the bathroom counter...it's an image...a fucking nude pic...I have NOT seen her nude yet at this point...but over the course of a few days of texting back and forth...I had been trying to convince her to send me a nude lol...In a drunken state I start staring at the pic and try to text her back and the whole time I had been pushing in the oil and unbeknownst to me...pulled the needle almost half way out whilst injecting...I realized it and freaked out... didn't know what was going to happen IF anything was going to happen...I went to bed...woke up to a tightness...the tightness formed into a big swollen mass in my ass cheek over the course of a week...it turns red...but no fever...and warm to the touch but not hot...it gets worse...I can see the size difference in my left and right cheek through my jeans even...it hurts to walk...it hurts to sit...I want to go the the doctor but I'm just hoping it will go away... avoid the embarrassment...it's now been about 10 days ...the pressure is BAD...it sucks... nothing helps ... Tylenol... ibuprofen....so naturally as an alcoholic I drink more at night to ease my discomfort...THEN...a drunken idea hits me...I'm going to drain this shit myself (don't try this EVER) ...I TAKE a syringe...go to the bathroom...set my phone up to record...I slide the one and a half inch needle in...I don't even feel it...the pressure is so much that as I draw back out it pushes the needle while I'm pulling out ... IMMEDIATELY it looks as though you had a water hose pumped with blood turned on full power then put a tiny hole in it ....blood spurted ...squirted...and sprayed ALL over the mirror... kitchen counter...and sink ...of course on the floor to .....I poured more alcohol over my area and did this draining 3 more times...the pressure relief was instantaneous...felt SO much RELIEF...was completely back to normal a day later...I also was taking antibiotics afterwards to be safe ... kids...don't drink and do steroids....

Now let's hear your worst gear stories...this should be interesting. ..

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Not a crazy story but any of you had gyno before? In the early days I ran a 12 week Tren cycle before a beach holiday with an old girlfriend and decided to cruise for 2 weeks while on holiday instead of PCT’ing as I used to be an emotional wreck for a few weeks while my hormones levels and the PCT drugs did their thing. If I knew what I did now I would of TRT’ed from the start and saved myself from the headache which is PCT/recovery but it’s all trial and error in this game.

I hadn’t taken a TRT dose of test before and didn’t think I would need an ai so I went on holiday looking fucking jacked with my socks and sandals at the ready. These were the days I ran adex as my chosen ai which was a nightmare in itself but thats another story.. well the rebound hit me like a motherfucker and within a few days and my left nipple not only grow a huge fucking lump under it but drooped like an icicle. It looked awful but the good news was my dick worked so I wasn’t too stressed at the time.

When I got back I ran all the usual cocktails.. letro, caber, ralox, mast P and although it had became unnoticeable, a small lump was still there. It was only after a couple years after I ran 20mg of nolvadex Ed it disappeared after a few days. The 4 weeks of letro was probably the worst part of it all, hair thinned, mood swings, ED, suicidal thoughts. Low/crash oestrogen is the worst feeling I’ve experienced besides a benzo withdrawal.

My left nipple is now my oestrogen indicator and if it gets a little high it’ll start to itch and then I know it’s time to increase my ai or drop some fat.

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I developed fatty breast tissue gyno from years of early steroid use with zero ai the whole time. I knew nothing about it...just thought you do a shot of testosterone every week and get big...I was a wreck as you can imagine...so it took several years before I noticed but literally one day I put my favorite tight shirt on and THAT moment I could see the fat build up. Can't notice it with my shirt off...but I guess the compression of the shirt pushed the fat together..."I can't wear this...it looks like I have 12 year old girl titties"...YEARS went by and the motivating to stay super lean was strong because if I got too fat the titties would show out...THEN....after years of trt I get arrested and have to cold turkey the trt in jail... titties grow more...now I go a few years without even wanting to take my shirt off...so...I look into surgery...too expensive...that's when I find this place called light RX...they have them all over the united states...went in and they introduced me to this machine called the Venus legacy that you get 10 treatments for $1200. It's a heated therapy that sends these fucking radioactive waves or some shit into your fat tissue...it shrinks fat cells in the treated area PERMANENTLY and kills fat cells for a fat reduction of 25 percent...ALSO it awakens the collagen in the treated area to tighten your skin as well as if you have cellulite it gets rid of that shit to....after 3 treatments I could not believe how much more definition I could begin to see in my chest...after 10 my chest now looks better than it ever had in my entire life. For 700 you can get one area treated like your stomach...love handles...it's not really for big fat fucks unless you get SEVERAL treatments but it's for people that work out that are seeking improvement in trouble areas...they also have a treatment that causes your cock to triple in size.

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Failed research chem PCT gave me a gland lump under one nip. And some puffiness under the other. After about half a year my bloods looked good so I paid about 15k to get both nips done at the same time. Can't even tell it was ever there. No scar either cause the surgeon cut under the nips and the scars blend in with the nips. This was years ago.

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Gyno and Ed are almost a right of passage for a steroid user. Well worth the 15k by the sounds of it. It was about £5k to fly out to turkey from the uk and get glands removed years ago, I’m sure that price has at least doubled now.

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This was 2016ish. I had a really good surgeon in the US. I have played things like it can happen again, so I always got 2 brands of Nolva and 2 brands of AI on hand. Never had ED, just a little less lead in my pencil towards the end of a Deca cycle, and I learned to prevent that with Caber.

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I got locked up for a year in the mix of a HEAVY cycle including tren and high test and orals…. Was good for about 2 weeks then lost like 40 lbs. And then gained 20 back naturally and felt like suicidal for about 8 months ….in a pretty gnarly place they call cool county jail. Not the worst but no where near the best. Then I finished my stay out in the joint, and lo and behold there was dbol tabs on deck from my clique and well we were the swillers jail bastards on Monday stop dbol for about 6 months , got released and it all crashed again which I knew it would. I TRT myself for about a year and then weened off completely. My nuts never came back they r really small. Tweety bird laughs at my nuts. But I still made 2 babies. And I had 1 dna tested for shits and giggles and they r both mine one looks like me I tested the other lol. But still I trashed my system … and I thought there was no coming back but I am doing smart low dose cycles now with better look but lack some size but oh well.

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Damn. This is why I don't break any laws. I did some time as a young man. I couldn't get through probation so they locked me up. I hadn't even touched gear yet back then. But now that I blast and cruise, I don't break any laws. I also can't leave my girl alone. She's needy in a way. Not a bad way. She just can't be alone for longer than a couple days or she starts losing her mind. I can't get locked up.

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I had to come off years of self prescribed trt in jail...that shit was absolutely horrible...

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Congrats on your 4yrs , its been 5 for me. Lets keep kicking this thing in the ass bro!!

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A failed PCT using bunk research chemicals. Was years ago. It was a rough time but I'm good now. And I crashed my E with pharma grade Adex when I switched to a brand of Test E 300 that was bunk or very underosed. That's all I got.

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I was on a super rush. I should of just waited cause wife was in the next room. Going in the right cheek inwas like dabm whats wrong OH WELL PUSH HARDER. okay its in but dabm it burns. Push plunger dabm injects to easy. Pull needle out an almost fainted i forgot to change needles i injected with the 18 gauge harpoon shot.

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Lol, God damn!

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Sounds awful...let's talk more about this pic.

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Speaking of "pics" I took A picture of the bathroom where I drained the abscess...it REALLY looked like a murder scene.

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Ive gotten that from running prop. Bad, real bad. I put a wet towel in the microwave make it super hot wrap around my quad. Repeat over & over all night. The next day … gone. I think it has to do with the oil that was used & the viscosity. Plus prop sometimes has some PIP but yeah, same experience minus the naked girl. Super hot towel.. like hot to where you’re burning your skin works every time. Abscesses are bitches. Was it prop ?

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I can't remember...it seems like it was test E. You were able to use the hot towel method without drainage? Sounds less dangerous and also less fun.