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Fight Club-entertainment or embarrassment?

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So if anyone watched last nights “Fight Club” organization put on their boxing event I’d like to hear your thoughts. If you are just now hearing about this last night Evander Holyfield (58) fought Vitor Belfort(45) in a very hard to watch match up and Tito Ortiz boxed Anderson Silva (both men on the later side of 40) I won’t ruin it if you haven’t seen it and I’ll provide a link. Then Afterwards the winner of Belfort vs Holyfield called out Jake Paul for a $30 million dollar fight…

Belfort vs Holyfield. https://youtu.be/fVqELRNu0Pg

Ortiz vs Silva


Molinin sucks off Tbone69


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Well I played Street Fighter 2 as a kid and was hard as fuck in it - So I didn't need to do UFC or Karate as I could beat you on the computer.

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Fucking pathetic and hard to watch. That's all I have. I wouldve stepped into the ring with any of them.

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I would also step in the ring with any of them for several million dollars. Anyone slightly physically capable of climbing through the ropes and getting in that ring would do it. Did you box? I can’t remember but it seems as though you did some kind of combat sport. I think we had this discussion before but I’m mildly retarded and don’t remember most things.

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Kenpo karate, competitive

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I was in Isshin Ryu karate as a kid. It was all light sparring and memorizing a kata then breaking a pre broken board to get your next belt lol. Even then I remember thinking “Ok this isn’t going to really help if I find myself on the receiving end of an ass whooping”. That’s when The UFC came along and I watched 170 pound Gracie beating kickboxers and black belts of all styles. That’s when I went seeking a jiu jitsu class. The only thing about jiu jitsu is the “multiple attacker” situation you might find yourself in. That’s where you want to know kenpo or another striking style. I remember nick diaz telling about getting jumped by two big ass guys once when he was out bicycling. Said they were 225+ and they got him down but he was still able to throw an ankle lock on one of them from his back…said he locked it in and just heard things popping and grinding in his ankle… put the guy out of the fight and he said the other guy somehow had an ink pen in his hand and was trying to stab Nick with it lol. Both guys were so impressed at how nick handled them that the one who’s ankle got fucked up ended up going and training in jiu jitsu with Nick (once his ankle healed).

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Man all of this has gotten out of control. But my dumbass is going to keep tuning in lol. It’s sad to see some of these greats like Holyfield get sucked into this shit from a little bit of money dangled in their face. But as a huge MMA fan I almost have no choice but to see how these dudes fare transferring over to the boxing ring. Whether or not they’re at the end of their career or not. I’m just a sucker haha

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That’s just the thing, man. It’s like a freak show. Whether you’re a fan, not a fan, mma fan, boxing fan, hardcore fan or casual fan you’re probably going to watch regardless. While there are UFC big events as well as Boxing big events going on (Ones that actually matter) that you’ll never hear about unless you are a fairly hardcore fan. (I’ve already used the word “fan” too many times). But, look. This shit really started for the UFC with CM Punk. A fake wrestler with ZERO mma experience (a little karate when he was younger) being allowed to fight in the most prestigious mma organization. Not amateur…not even some off bran but the fucking UFC. And then allowed to hand pick an opponent that wasn’t even in the UFC himself only to get completely molly whopped. And then the Mcgregor vs Mayweather event was just stupid as well. Ben Askren vs the other Paul bro. And these freak show fights are paying more than any legit championship fights…not just a little more either. I don’t like what’s going on but I can’t hate on these guys at all for milking that money cow for all it’s worth while it lasts. Just think if you were an aging retired boxer or ufc fighter that’s slowly being forgotten about then all the sudden you get a chance to be back in the spotlight and make a metric fuck ton of money…OF COURSE you would do it. Rumble old man Rumble..