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Favorite movies that get you motivated to train.

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Ive always been A fan of action movies. Although I've never trained in boxing I love all the Rocky and Creed movies. The training montages are really motivating. My favorite is Rocky 4 where it shows Rocky training in the remote cabin in the mountains of Russia and then of course Ivan Drago shooting steroids and training like A mad man. (Little do some know Stallone is an avid juicer an GH user as are most stars in action movies). I always try to guess which compounds I think they ran during the preparation for their physical appearance in movies. I love the movie "Warrior" as well. Tom Hardy was A beast in that movie.

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Pretty much anything with Arnie in it kickin Ass with his top off. Commando, Predator ....

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Commando is one many people don't unfortunately know about. It's full of Arnold Schwarzenegger one liners as well. Like when he's holding that guy with one hand by his ankle over the cliff. He drops him and later when asked what happened between him and that guy Arnold simply replies very stoic like. "I had to let him go..."