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+ 1 Eroids MALE "Karen" Bench405

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This came about by us calling him out on changing a good review to a HORRIBLE review including SEVERE SWELLING AND PIP! that wasn't there at first...then suddenly appeared when the source hurt his feelings...he goes and changes the fucking review weeks AFTER the fact...what A fucking "KAREN"

Just go to DC pharmaceuticals SI and look at this idiot. The way he types." Lolo I'm da man u not da man lololol Tron dumb. U dumb Tron. Me da smart man . "

The "lol" he includes frequently in order for people to think he's laughing the situation off but he's actually being self telling by the "lol" overkill because doing so is A representation of hidden emotions coming to the other words...his feelings are hurt.

Actual picture of the REAL Bench405 supplied to me by top secret services. I have his name as well but was told to refrain from giving that info.

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Just saw that bench405 got banned!

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Unrelated issue...

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So did the other guy that tried to get "cute" with me over on DC page. You, see...Halsey you may have not know this when you asked for A membership. But we are A very elite and dangerous organization here on eroids. IDIOTS...we are...but elite, dangerous idiots. There's A curse on this group, Halsey. If you mess with A member just A little too much you will disappear. But the curse also keeps you A member forever. If you ever try to leave or tell our secret then you will disappear as well. Now, next Friday is Hawaiian shirt day. So wear your best Hawaiian shirt and the one who wears the coolest Hawaiian shirt gets A 3 day membership to Sam's club.

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Talk shit all you want here but cool the fan boy act out in the forums. You are not untouchable. There is more to this story than tom is letting on.

My comment on benches review, (AND Ironminds recent bestgear review) stands. What the fuck good is it if we have a review site where if I disagree I get lampooned by the likes of you?

If you got my back, I'll have yours. I'll overlook some things because I'm loyal. But if you toss me under the bus you can be sure I'll go nuclear on you. This is the back story of bench, so he changed his review to reflect how he really felt. Boo Hoo. If Tom no longer had his back, why should he have Toms?

What good is a review site where all the reviews are 10/10 fluff infomercials? Makes for complacent sources and untrustworthy reviews.

That other issue where the kid tried to reverse scam Tom with the open box... probably false but based on fact, Tom was not making sure his shipments were tamper proof. If that kid had hadn't brought that to light, Tom wouldn't be taping all sides of his packages from now going forward.

Bottom line, right or wrong, childish or not, we should not have a culture of intimidation when it comes to writing reviews. If there is a perceived issue, flag it and I'll take a look to see if a line has been crossed.

Personally I think what bench did was chickenshit. What I think doesn't matter. What matters is the integraty of this site.

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Well, I didn't think my comment would be taken literally. The humor kind of lies in the obvious that I just came back from being banned. So "untouchable" is completely out of the equation. I suppose that's for everyone except BFG. (Unless I get tired of his shit). C'mon, man. You know I'm fucking around. I mean. If we are A league of NOT so extraordinary gentlemen the title speaks enough, no? We're A group of idiots. And I'm only my own fanboy. It's just that when I see the opportunity to stir shit for humors sake like when A dumb person such As Bench135 gets REALLY Mad over comments I enjoy making more comments. Regardless of the source and who's right. I give DC lots of money. He should be MY fan. In fact these sources should be the fanboys. We give THEM money

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You would have made a damn good civil court judge, Greg.
You're compassionate, unprejudiced, and brutally honest all at the same time.

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I've always wondered what profession Greg was or is in. I figured maybe A former attorney or rodeo clown. Maybe A jiggalo...but for sure A juggalo

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I hope you are compensated well for having to do all this baby sitting.

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God damn vaginitis right there

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Sheesh it was a legitimate question, now he thinks I’m a jerk….
I have a mental image of literally everyone on here..isn’t that how it works? There’s no judgment or racism, you paint a mental image of people when you can’t see them..I painted one subconsciously of him because of his avatar and now he’s being all defensive. So defensive. It’s unprofessional, I should write a review on him. He’s a good guy except he got all defensive over my innocent question I didn’t even ask him..
I picture Tron as about 6ft white dude with a slight beard..ive seen growmores pics so that’s not fair, I picture press1 as about 5-7 to 5-10 and 87 upper body because he talks about benching and his name is press1 lol
I picture bfg as a beefy Edward Snowden for some fucking reason, I have no idea. Literally no fucking clue why. But he’s also super into crypto in my head. Also based on nothing in real life lol

Basically I’m assuming everyone does this lol ok fuck it I’m making a post

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Hey Motherfucker I do Deadlifts too!!! LMAO I use to do squats fanatically too but as I live in an apartment it creates too much noise if I have to bail and back drop it onto the safety rails, I'd get complaints from underneath. When I get a house I'll do em again lol I can get away with doing deads as I use figure 8's and don't slam it onto the floor or drop it at the top of the lift even though it would be nice to. I'm 5'8.

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Lmfao ohhh right I remember you talking about deadlifts actually! I just mentally stuck with the bench press discussions for some reason! I must have seen you post height before, or maybe I saw your stats? I don’t usually look at peoples profiles really

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Its a shame what's happened between you and Bench - I thought you 2 were good Pals?

I know we've all done it at some point on here, but its really not worth falling out with someone Bud just over steroids. I think we all get too emotionally attached to them sometimes even though the buggers will probably kill us all in the end Lmao

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Oh actually we never interacted much, my first interaction with him I was calling him a whiny cunt. He was questioning the legitimacy of some gear he was already planning to buy, or actually he bought already…but wouldn’t use it until the labs came back..then he questioned the labs and sources credibility in a passive aggressive manner that was just ridiculous. Like use the damn gear or leave…wtf

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Lol see what I did with his name. I’m so clever

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Look ...I found A picture of the actual Bench405. It was supplied to me by top secret services. Can you believe that? Doesn't even look like he works out. What A Karen

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Looks like Harry Potter

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Wait.. not that it matters to the argument or the making fun of the guy, but I pictured him about 50 shades darker…

Although…when Slowly was being an asshole I swear to god he posted a selfie of his legs and he was black/mixed or maybe from Portugal/Spain ??? But he in fact turned out to be a very Caucasian man, or…whatever he is. He’s a decent guy now I think?

Ohhhh maybe because bench369’s avatar is a black man’s arm is why I thought that.

Well fuck, now I feel like an asshole for asking but I need clarification because now my head is all twisted and I don’t know how to picture him when I read what he writes!!!! Who do I picture now!? I can’t picture this shaggy from scooby do looking mfer…it’s just not fitting!

Oh god

My brain…

My tiny tren’d up brain..
Can not compute. Must….ask….benchhhh..,

Nah it’s weird, I’m just going with Whoopi Goldberg’s cousin from ATL. Fuck it. He is officially a black man with a light beard, mid-dark complexion, weirdly enough I think he might wear cowboy boots? Nahhh no way. It’s crocs, with tube socks. Blue basketball shorts and a…..sleeveless ripped up button down flannel??

Ok. That’s it, that’s him boys. Take it to the bank.

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That's not As clever As changing "the" to "da" and "you" to "U". Yeah, man. He makes comments that are derogatory but then say things like...."no offense bro but da gear seems pretty weak. I had Great gains on it tho and I could tell it was strong but time will tell bro..."

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I can’t put my finger on what his deal is…he’s like a male Karen, or a twist. He asks these questions that insinuate the source is sketchy…then gets super “whoooaaa buddy why are you being defensive!?”

Like this (my reenactment)

Bench135: “Bro I’m so excited for da gains from this gear man! I just hope this sources labs don’t come back as bunk…GUESS WE’LL SEE”

Source: (Tom, also reenactment)
“Ok bro, like I told you already, the gear is being tested by jano and I’ll post it when it’s here”

Bench135: “That’s what’s up man, a source that does lab testing! I just hope we can trust his results and how would we know if he’s lying…GUESS WE’LL SEE”

Tom: “Ok well I’ll post the whole lab if you’re worried, I’ll also offer a full refund for anything that comes back as under dosed or not the right compound”

Bench95: “Now that’s customer service! Just wish we knew if we could trust you though”

Tom: “ok well you don’t have to order if you don’t want to bro”

Benchprobablylike15pounds: “wow…ok…you don’t need to be all defensive, it was honest questions and I never insulted you but ok”

Tom: “you’re annoying, please fuck off”

Barelyliftsthebar: “WOW, I’m blindsided by this hostility!! Why are you so angry Thomas, I had your back this whole time! You know what, I’m going to dig up a review I wrote for you a month ago and I’m going to take away votes from you.”

Tbone: “wow Karen, maybe just fuck off and don’t edit an old review because you’re mad about an argument that literally just happened?”

Doesn’tevenlift: “bro you don’t even know da story, I have the screenshots to prove it but I won’t, I’m moving on because I’m an adult”

Tbone: “ok sounds good bye”

Fart: “That’s right, I’m going to be the bigger man…”

Tbone: “ok cool bro”

Karen: “LAST WORD!”

Tbone: “I got all day bro”


Tbone: “goes back to pooping quietly

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This reenactment is pretty accurate and hilarious hahaha

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Some men entertain themselves by lighting their farts, this may be one of those men. And giggles even though no one else is in the room.

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He also scares himself by waking himself up with his own farts occasionally.

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Probably sound tampered with...

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Bro...that's IT! I'm changing the whole title to this post because of this...he's A male Karen...that's brilliant.