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Do we have any female members?

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Guys, it's a new day and age. Women are allowed to drive cars now and even VOTE...I've gotten a few membership requests from what appears to be women...which is AWESOME...I Immediately accepted and Tried to track their IP address to see where they live. They appear to use VPN which is hard to believe considering they are women. Anyways, if you ARE A new women member... WELCOME to the group. My name is T.....R....O.....N. I'm the group adm which means I'm the most important and best looking. I know what you're thinking and the Answer is "YES" ...I also DO have A nickname for my weiner. It's called "Vaginal Armageddon". If you could go on and introduce yourselves to the group. That we be great. Perhaps post a nude selfie. If you turn out to be unattractive you WILL be banned. That's the only unforgivable offense here in the league. Alright fellas...be nice...we don't want anymore sexual harassment charges...I can't keep cleaning that shit up...idiots.

Just bellow, ladies I posted a picture of me grabbing the bull by the horns...it's just a metaphor...but that actually happened...in fact I had to stand there and hold that bull in position for 11 hours while the artist painted it.

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everyone knows the old saying: rule of thumb. what most people dont know is where the term originates.

turns out years back, it was legal to beat your wife so long as whatever you used to beat her with was no thicker than your thumb.

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It says it's ok to do it in the Bible...also the book of scientology.

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I just found out that you CAN'T as in CAN NOT ...punch women in the head anymore without getting in trouble...I'm not making that up...Google it...