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“Wiener” movie titles game.

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Ok, so the rules are you have to take the title of a movie and replace one word in the title with the word “wiener”. You can’t manipulate words and you can’t add any additional words to the title. Here’s an example “Nightmare on wiener street” OR “wiener on Elm street”. One word replaced with “wiener” that’s it. And of course one word movie titles simply won’t work. Otherwise the title would just be “wiener” although it is funny it takes the challenge out of it and creativity. List your best ones in the comments section. Here’s 5 to get us started.

(1 Indiana Jones and the temple of wieners.

(2 My big fat Greek wiener

(3 House of 1000 wieners

(4 Batman the dark wiener rises.

(5 James and the giant wiener

Top those

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Wiener over the river kwai
A fistful of wieners
For a few wieners more
Pale wiener or wiener rider
Paint your wiener
I went with a western motif and it worked out, I guess a lot of those cowboys were fags? Or after a year on the trail it is what it is?
The wienerist

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Batman the dark wiener rises

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10,000 wieners under the sea

The last wiener on the left

A wiener in Connecticut

The wiener whisperer

Escape from wiener mountain

Edward Wiener hands.

Moby wiener OR Wiener Dick

The Conjuring 3 The Wiener made me do it

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16 weiners
The weiner club
Weiner in pink
I went 80's motif...

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I wanna try...

Back to the Weiner
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Weiners

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That’s the check this out. Same movies but I’m gonna switch words around.

Wiener to the future

Harry Wiener and the chamber of secrets


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Whole lotta weiner and whole lotta missing “no homos”

This is your final warning. Next missing no homo gets penetrated by foreheads mom. No homo.

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In the wiener movie title game there's an automatic unspoken but very present permanent "NO HOMO". It goes without saying.

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The one word title ban is hurting me, I mean, I think of such a powerful movie like "Mask", till this day at 45 years old I will cry at the the scene when mom finds Rocky dead. If the movie was renamed "Weiner", it would have the same impact. "Ghost" when they're making a vase out of mud mud to the Ritigous Brothers song... could rename that movie "Weiner". You made tough rules Tron. I remember a movie "Tron" back in the day, awesome video game too, but could rename it "Weiner". Anyway...



"In terms of Weiner"
"The Prince of weiner"
"The whole ten weiners " (plural ok?)
"White weiners"
"My best friends weiner"
"Revenge of the weiner"

Too easy Tron, step it up bro lol

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Plural is fine because the word “yards” that it replaces is plural. “Wieners” “yards” =GOOD. Good job. I have some more.

1)Deep blue wiener

2)The wiener whisperer

3)Willy wonka and the wiener factory

4)The Divinci wiener

And of course (Blasphemy? Maybe...funny? ...YES)...last but definitely not least...

5)The wiener of the Christ....


6)The passion of the wiener


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He basically discovered flight aerodynamics, but I'm pretty sure DaVinci had a gruesome, untrimmed, uncircumcised weiner. Just ugly to look in the face...

"The sound of weiner"
"Ferris Buellers day of weiner" (disqualified by use "of" but let's be real here"
"Star wars-The phantom weiner"
"Weinerfellas" , combining was not specified, and Ray Liotta is looking more like a penis the older he gets.

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Wienerfellas is acceptable. And it would be

Ferris Buellers wiener off.


Ferris Buellers day wiener.

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Building on that mantra, "Goodwriners" ?

The weiner over the river Qwai
The black weiner (just made 1980's Disney even darker)
War of the weiners

Tron, I 7sed to do stand up I failed at it as with most other things in my life, bit it was because of my delivery. I can write jokes all day long.

The final weiner
Lets win one for the weiner (Regean would approve)
The incredible Mr Weiner (would have to have Don Knotts voice. Side note, my uncle knew Don Knotts and I have stories to tell.

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The last wiener on the left

Don't be a wiener to south central while drinking your juice in the hood

Kong vs Wiener

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top those

I’ll top YOU, prison Tron!

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Why is it a public group!? My mom could see this tron

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I figured I’d make it public so that people wouldn’t join and be disappointed with the content. They need to see what their getting themselves into before they request membership. Otherwise it might cause trauma...the stupidity level is dangerously high.

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I’m happy to contribute! I happen to be quite stupid myself actually..

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Yeah. I’m also dumb and aware. We want like minded people. We don’t want dumb people that think they’re smart. Those people cause headaches.