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A league of not so extraordinary gentlemen

Not for the easily offended. And no gays.
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Playin tricks on wifey
Rustyhooker Oct, 2021
Well, im not sure about everyone but the wifey and i enjoy a...
Tron, 1 day 3 hours ago 10
100 members celebration
Tron Oct, 2021
#Were at 97 members. I think we should have A party to celeb...
Molinin302, 2 days 15 hours ago 15
Muscle girls "yes" or "no" EXPLAIN
Tron Oct, 2021
Different people have different preferences. As men we like...
Jbigdog70, 3 days 4 hours ago 26
Happy Friday ypu weirdos!
Halsey Oct, 2021
I had a good week, prevented 2 complete bridge collapses(no...
Shred777, 6 days 8 hours ago 8
Ummm ....I was WRONG
Tron Oct, 2021
#This has never happened. Not once in my life have I been wr...
Tron, 1 week 19 hours ago 14
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  • General pussification
    Molinin302 Oct, 2021
    I'm sure it's worldwide, but I can speak firmly for the US....
    Molinin302, 1 week 3 hours ago 7
    What do I look like. What does anyone look like???
    Tbone69 Oct, 2021
    Ok you fucks, bench got mad because I assumed his skin tone,...
    Tron, 1 week 1 day ago 116
    Eroids MALE "Karen" Bench405
    Tron Oct, 2021
    This came about by us calling him out on changing a good rev...
    Tron, 3 hours 46 min ago 25
    Who hates the Wanna Be MODS and Decision Maker Wannabee's ---- The ones who are the Lamer's Lurkers and Leeches
    mikedaman Oct, 2021
    What do you say to the those members who have nothing better...
    Shred777, 1 week 1 day ago 40
    X-ARM (MMA + Arm wrestling COMBINED)
    Tron Oct, 2021
    The testosterone levels are flowing all over this sport. Thi...
    Molinin302, 1 week 6 days ago 7
    Tranny goes after Dave Chappelle
    Tron Oct, 2021
    Thought that title might get your attention. Enough is EN...
    Greg, 1 week 2 days ago 4
    I fell in love today.
    Tron Oct, 2021
    If someone could get me A little information about this girl...
    Tron, 2 weeks 1 day ago 2
    How far would you go...?
    Tron Oct, 2021
    I want honest answers. And I'll answer honestly as well. I'm...
    Molinin302, 1 week 5 days ago 37
    500ibs Sumo vs Female mma fighter
    Tron Sep, 2021
    ###Only in Russia…. That Russian chick is sexy as Hell…I won...
    Tron, 2 weeks 3 days ago 22
    Transgender in mma
    Tron Sep, 2021
    Not just a man. A former Army ranger who decided he/she was...
    mikedaman, 1 week 6 days ago 13
    Tron Sep, 2021
    #Alright fellas. This is the place to list people on eroids...
    mikedaman, 1 week 4 days ago 145
    Speaking of gay stuff
    Forehead Sep, 2021
    So we all heard the song “”I got five on it”” I’m sure by Li...
    mikedaman, 2 weeks 3 days ago 22
    FREAKS at the gym
    Tron Sep, 2021
    We all have them. The “weird” people at the gym. I’ll start...
    Tron, 4 days 21 hours ago 35
    The UFC return of Nick Diaz
    Tron Sep, 2021
    **Nick Diaz is FINALLY returning to the UFC to fight Robbie...
    mikedaman, 1 week 4 days ago 9
    Favorite 80's or 90's movie we don't talk about!
    Janus Sep, 2021
    One of my favorite movies is Goonies! Yeah I Love it! Right...
    Molinin302, 3 weeks 6 days ago 50
    Fight Club-entertainment or embarrassment?
    Tron Sep, 2021
    So if anyone watched last nights “Fight Club” organization p...
    press1, 1 month 4 days ago 7
    El Duderino?
    Tron Sep, 2021
    This message came along with this gentleman’s request to joi...
    Molinin302, 3 weeks 1 day ago 18
    Homos now welcome to join!
    Tron Sep, 2021
    Alright guys. In this day and age everyone is very sensitive...
    press1, 1 month 2 days ago 3
    IndianaBRICKIE Sep, 2021
    What’s up group tryna get a topic going to see who’s on here...
    Janus, 1 month 2 weeks ago 6
    How to Get your PORN name.
    Tron Sep, 2021
    **Ok, I don't know how this works so well but it DOES and it...
    Molinin302, 1 month 3 days ago 10
    “Wiener” movie titles game.
    Tron Sep, 2021
    Ok, so the rules are you have to take the title of a movie a...
    Molinin302, 1 month 1 day ago 19
    No posts yet?
    Molinin302 Aug, 2021
    Really? Do I have to put up the pics of Foreheads spread ass...
    Tron, 1 month 2 weeks ago 8
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