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200$ Store Credit - SEXUAL WELLNESS LINE - 170$ products/30$ shipping - https://PharmaComStore.ws/categories/sexual-wellness/


100$ Store Credit - 70$ products/30$ shipping - All Product Line

1.For our most active and faithful members.

2.For new members who never ordered or joined a promo before.

TD pics, cycle logs, reviews and blood results are always welcomed.

Minimum karma to join is 5.
If we get a high demand, members who joined multiple recent promos might get a restriction.

If eligible, please send a PM to join.

Use BITCOIN payment for a 10% OFF by default at checkout and for the best possible Dragon Pharma prices on the market!

Check out also our PRICE MATCH POLICY: https://PharmaComStore.ws/promotion/price-match/



Dispatch after March 26

Please acknowledge that promo order processing is a totally different service than our regular website orders so you should expect replies within 3-4 days and longer delivery times.

Thank you,

PCS Team


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Event expires on:Thu, Mar 21st, '19 07:52


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  • ShamMasterFlex
  • 16 hours ago

Hello, I would like to join your promo

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  • 6 days ago

I would like a spot if available..thanks

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  • basskiller89
  • 7 days ago

Hi brothers!!

I'd love to become involved in this promo if possible!!

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  • azbf
  • 1 week ago

Pharmacomstore has some of the highest quality available! You guys who haven't used them before will be very happy!

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  • killakali
  • 1 week ago

Would like in please

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  • Top_Price77
  • 1 week ago

PM sent, let me know if i get in

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  • gapi2911
  • 2 weeks ago

I would like to join to, but need to gather karma points. I am rather new to this site and need to figure out how to do that

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Since: Jun 20th, 2018

Not so new that you couldn't figure it out by yourself! What about using the searchbar, instead of asking this question on a promo page? There are enough topics about karma, read them...

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I am sorry this upsets you, but I did not came here to become promo hore. And I rather participate in other boards (prof.M., OLM) where I am active since 2003, so I am not new to this. I used pharmacom lab in their beginning days years ago, when they did not even have blister packaging and this sourse did not exsist. I like them, but source at the end was gone and let me without 1200$ worth of products.
Anyway, I dont like to write to much as english is not my first language.
Well, it would take you the same time just to answer and help as it took you now.
Thank you anyway, no hard fealling mate

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Lol... I don't care about on which other boards you're active. You asked at the wrong place and the time you spent for writing this novel, you could have used the searchbar to get your answers. Easy to find ;)


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  • Munchichiman
  • 2 weeks ago

Just sent fr would love to join