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+ 1 Fury vs Wilder 3 Barnburner


Amazing fight, edge of the seat the whole time,they both saw the canvas twice, but they both came in heavy but unless you are a cardio machine gaining 8 pounds of muscle needs to be fueled,when you got another guy 277 pounds leaning on you,that's all folks, 1 draw and 2 Fury wins.. I would see a fourth making heavyweight boxing more exciting

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I competed in full contact karate years ago, the "bigger they are the harder they fall" thing goes out the window after a certain point. Take kicks, takedowns, etc... out of it. Fury is 6'9" about 280lbs. How can anyone trade punches with that?

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Still amazing how tough Fury is given his arse looks like its on his stomach he's that out of shape lol

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This was worth the 80$ I spent on it. It was close for the first four rounds. Great fight. Battle until the end