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Blood work advice / opinions


Just got most my blood work back. Everything in level good. Was waiting for test and free test and estro just got test still waiting estro. Seems high? this is after (360 week) in 2 shots only 1 week just started and 3 days after last shot -then fasting blood work.

Test free and total 2039 av range 250-1100
Testosterone free 338.5 av 35-155

Again all else good waiting on estro still. Feel great no sides.

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Can't see the pic...

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Well, steady state is around 5-6 weeks. Plus, your natural production is not shut down by week 2, typically. Ie. Too early to get a good read on anything, if im reading this right!

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Yea that’s true, I just had the opportunity to do blood work so took it since it was early on. And between inj. Just after only 1 week and 3 days since last I though it would be lower considering it’s test e.

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Test e*