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Bloodwork/ HCG


Hello everyone. I ran my first cycle last year and had a pretty rough time with PCT. I am feeling 100% better now and I was able to get a blood work appointment set up by my doctor.

My question is, I've been using hCG (750 iu every 3 days) to helping with recovery since I suspect I was completely shut off from my cycle. It worked for me and that was 100% what I needed for my recovery.

Will the hCG show up in my blood work or will it spike anything else up? I'd like my post cycle bloodwork to be accurate and not have something shooting up due to the hCG I'm using.

And just for a little bit more information, this upcoming Saturday will be my third week of using it.

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HCG will absolutely influence your bloodwork, particularly LH/FSH. Can also affect test levels and estro levels. If you need HCG you are not recovered and won't recover if you keep pinning HCG. Negative feedback loop. Used to only jumpstart PCT with transition over to nolv/clomid to complete the recovery process. HCG has like a 28 hour half life so to get accurate blood work you need to discontinue use for at least a week to be safe.

Sounds like your PCT failed and you will need to do redo it. What was your PCT protocol?

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Well there was a couple things I did very incorrectly in my cycle. I did not use hCG and nolva (until my fifth week) and I started my PCT too early. I don't recall if it was you or someone else that commented on one of my threads about side effects I was feeling during PCT after a sustanon cycle.

But here is what I did for my PCT:
1-4: 50mg clomid
4-7: 50 mg clomid and 40 nova
Weeks 5-7 25mg clomid 20 nova

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And to be honest, I will straight up admit that I did not do the research I should have before I started my cycle and I was pretty clueless about PCT.