Steroid Testing in Custody Court


So my now soon to be ex-wife has filed for divorce. She used a photograph of a vial of testosterone, equipoise and some anastrazole to try and effect my custody. There is no way for her to prove that it was mine. I am in PA. Since she’s destroying my life, a cycle would be a wonderful way for myself to get out of this rut mentally. I’ve seen all kinds of different information about how long test prop and proviron are out of your system but I’m unsure what to trust. Is it possible that the court could prove that I was on or did test propionate or proviron recently?

Anyone with any Information on this, Your help is truly appreciated. Thank you guys.

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I would suggest not doing anything while you are going through the divorce and trying for custody. If asked by the judge say I don't believe those pics are of mine but I admit I have used anabolic steroids in the past but it was only once and I decided it wasn't worth the trouble. Then volunteer to take a drug test.

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Unless its relating to the incidents it wont matter.
( wife saying your psycho and aggressive when you use steroids and your violent)
For example i recently had custody of my nephew.
His parents were smoking meth all day everyday and were out of control, stealing etc pipe came b4 feeding bubs.

They recently got him back because they started passing the meth test meaning they cut down and were able to pass.

But they had other drugs in their systems, judge didnt care because it wasnt the drug related to the custody.

The judge doesnt give a fuck about tit for tat disputes and arguments between spouses and family members, they are judges for a reason and they see through all the bull shit.

A word of advice when it comes to family courts you need to tell the truth.
You get caught on a lie your fucked.

  • judge are these illegal steroids yours?
  • you - no your honour.
    Judge- you will have no problem taking a test for these sterouds then and if the local police have a look atound your house.

Or - judge- do you take anabolic steroids and are these yours.
You- yes your honour, i take these performance enhancers to keep fit and healthy, i had a defficiancy in which i couldnt afford to rectify through doctors so a friend of mine who is an expert helped me, its made my life so much better and im extremly careful in the way i use.
In no way would i allow the child to see or be anywhere near them and i have no problems in stopping if it effects the out come of this custody.

Get my drift?
You lie your fucked.

Ive been going through the process for 9 months.

I made an alleged threat on facebook, the account in which the threat wa alegedly made was shut down, name changed email associated to it deleted etc etc.
I denied any knowledge of the said threat- they put a subpeona on the account in which they are able to get the i.p address of where that account was made and deleted, email adress used to make it and the names associated with it.

That will be bought to court next month in july.

So yeah just be honest and soften it.

Im a firm believer in the truth and that honesty always prevails.
Let the otherside do the petty tot for tat bull shit and dont bite back.
Judges are good at seeing that stuff.

Keep a diary with dates and times daily with everything and everything just in case but dont bite into the tot for tat.

Good luck.

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I wouldn’t say another thing to her good or bad regardless of great you guys may be getting along.... they’ll use it against u if need be in the future and forget about anything good you’ve done.
I’d hire a lawyer if u haven’t yet and go from there. Be upfront and honest w him and he’ll kno what to do and/or say.
All the best bro!

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It really isn't worth the risk mate for what you could effectively lose - Your children. What if the court turn round and say we want to drug test you tomorrow or they do an unplanned one where they turn up at your house like they do in tested powerlifting federations? Its my understanding that in a drug test its not necessarily still being elevated in testosterone levels when you stop pinning - But massively depleted levels and high estrogen or similar. Someone will chime in and state what I'm trying to Lol Probably Irishmack

Women are fuckin vicious creatures Pal - Great at first and your best friend but when their head changes they become your worst enemy once they have a new fella bangin 'em! The person that was once closest to you and knows your inner most secrets now uses all that against you in court. Give the c**t nothing to use ......

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Bro this is retarded.. I hate saying anything bad to a member that's been around for awhile, but ur head is not in the right spot. Ur on radar for doing dope in a court custody battle and all u can think of is ur next jab. Get ut mind right, there's a bigger picture u need to be looking at other than urself.. just being real bro

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This. Forget the type, she's gonna get you for illicit use of scheduled drugs. I would think that would affect your livelihood (professional license) also. Give her what she wants, try and get out clean (ish...with the state) and go from there.

No BANG on wanting to cycle. That's just whatever.
You got WAY bigger problems before that.

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^ what one wheel said!!
Man sucks about your situation, I hope u get time with your kids bro, that’s what would truly kill me is not seeing them everyday!

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Naw man no hard feelings taken. You're definitely right. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Thanks for the head check.

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Everything wheel said, been through a nasty divorce myself.
Best advice I can give is, and it sucks, get your hands on some money and hire a lawyer. Don't try to do this yourself and shut the fuck up. Even if she's being friendly, shut the fuck up. You may already be in more trouble than you think. Best wishes with all this, it's a nightmare. And keep anything illegal elsewhere, and that doesn't include your car.