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  • Healthy Breakfast for all day Energy

  • NGaKo   •   Tue, Mar 13th, '18 06:12   •   12 replies, 104 views

Hey guys
It's me again.
After sharing my healthy good night snack with you i want so share my first meal my go to breakfast.

What you need:

3 Whole Eggs ( about 150g )
7 Eggwhites ( about 200g )
85g Chicken
300g Rice ( cooked )
Soya Sauce, Pepper
Some vegetables like Tomatoe, onion, Peperoni, Chili or what ever you like just to change tastes trough the week.


First you need a Pan with some Sunflower Oil. Heat it up and put the cooked rice in and wait till one site gets brown.
Then add the chicken.
After this you can add vegetables you like and onions.
Put the eggs and eggwhites in and cook it like normal scrumbled eggs.
To finish it I like to add some soya sauce instead of salt and some peppe that's it.

Some days I switch the soya sauce to sweet sour or BBQ or something like this to change the taste or just use some salt.

It's really easy and preparation time is about 5 minutes and your good to go.

I think it's a pretty good first meal because it gives a lot of energy to start a good day :)


I just counted calories for the main foods so you need to add you vegetables and the oil you use.

It's a total of about 859 calories which are:

18g Fat
87g Carbs
76g Protein

I hope you enjoy it:)

Greez NGaKo


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  • Dr.BroScience
  • 4 days ago

Not a bad meal at all.

Personally I enjoy potatoes in the morning as they are a more complete and slower digesting carbohydrate. That is merely personal preference but if rice your go to keep using what works.

However according to your calculations of nutritional information you must include your condiments.

BBQ sauce is basically a tomato sugar sauce and soy sauce is terrible and a sodium bomb. I know you left the information basic so the reader may add what they wish. But a common mistake may youngsters make when dieting is not being mindful nor keeping track of condiment usage.

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Thanks Dr.Bro

Yeah I commented below that adding potatoes is also a good choice because eggs+potatoes gives a higher biological value.

Yes your right but if you really enjoy your sport and your interest in what you are doing you know that you need to calculate with the oil,butter,sauce,salt, vegetables and what ever you add.

And if not you will never have that strict diet that's important to calculate also oil etc. If you eat clean und train 4 times a week you will get a good body.

Not for stage and competitions but enough for the beach.

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  • heavymetalmonst...
  • 4 days ago

Delicious and nutritious

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  • stairmaster
  • 4 days ago

Sounds tasty!
I personally would add more chicken and eat it for lunch or post wo!

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Yes it's no problem to add more chicken and maybe use a little less eggwhites but damn I love eggwhites with soyasauce and vegetables it's so damn tasty :D

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  • Jayzgainz
  • 4 days ago

I love chicken with my eggs, i will usually throw broccoli in as well and salsa or whatever I have laying around. My post wo meal is breakfast so thats usually a big one for me as well

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Sounds good. But I like broccoli later in the day not for breakfast.

Potatoes instead of Rice is also a nice way to go because combining eggs and potatoes gives a higher biological value protein.

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Yup, taters are usually my go to. I will experiment with whatever I find in the fridge. Ive mixed in polenta, couscous and even cornbread. Lol some reasin never rice though.

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Haha you need to try this it's little Asian style I love it to eat Asian style

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  • 4 days ago

Hello Sir,

That's a nutritionally balanced and complete meal, would be a great post workout meal not sure about breakfast though, guess it is personal preference but don't think I could finish this, you must be a big guy.
Thanks for sharing though.


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Hey Bro

I know what you mean but you get used to it really fast.
On the other site I do cardio 20 to 25minutes every morning first thing I do so it's like a post workout meal for me.

Im extremely hungry in the morning after cardio so I can get this down.

But thanks for your input :)


It's definitely for bulking not to lose bodyweight.

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Agreed, would make a good post workout but not breakfast