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  • My next PCT plan

  • BigDaddyCool   •   Tue, Nov 14th, '17 11:02   •   3 replies, 107 views

Good day,

Towards the end of December, I will have completed the following cycle:

-HGH: 2.7 IU per day for the whole cycle and beyond;

-D-Bol: 30mg per day for 6 weeks;

-Testosterone Enanthate: 250mg x 2 / week for 12 weeks;

I will start my PCT 2 weeks after my last injection and then I'll do the following:

Week 1 Nolvadex 40 mg ED + Clomid 50 mg ED
Week 2 Nolvadex 40 mg ED + Clomid 50 mg ED
Week 3 Nolvadex 20 mg ED + Clomid 25 mg ED
Week 4 Nolvadex 20 mg ED + Clomid 25 mg ED

Do you guys think it's enough? Do you think I should add some HCG in the mix? If so, what protocol do you recommend?


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  • njs
  • 5 days ago

i personally prefer to bring hcg in. but 2 weeks after last pin is too early. your testo score will be too high for pct. 3 weeks after last pin of depot testosterone is my choice. the opinions about that are very different. but i think, you have enough testo level 2 weeks after last pin. thats why i start in week 3. the optimum is making a bloodwork 1 week before last pin and 2 weeks after last pin. than you know better.
my personal way is to pin 3 x times hcg (750iu for beginners) 1500 iu e3d. folowing common nolva clomid pct. my libido never broke down with this method. but just a info, my cycles are much longer than yours. if you cycle the first time you wont need hcg. the more you cycle the more hcg gets important. specially when you cycle 6 month or longer. i do not recomend that cycles. i do competion and giving only information.

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Wonderful link. Thanks a lot.