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  • Hopefully its not a scam. ASHOP

  • williamdavidhair   •   Wed, Jan 11th, '17 12:42   •   5 replies, 293 views

I placed an order with ASHOP on Dec 25 and paid for it and recorded the transaction number. I have had no return communication from them and the money has been received by them. I have ordered from them multiple times in the past with no issues and they have been very responsive, but this time they haven't responded to the 6+ emails I have sent requesting confirmation. Before you place an order moving forward, BEWARE I am not the only person with this issue. It is very unfortunate that they are choosing to handle business in this manner.


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  • Gymjunkie01
  • 1 year ago

I miss the old days here

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lol. yeah

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  • PPGfreak
  • 1 year ago

What's up with all the new guys freaking out on this one source because of holiday shipping delays? Can any of you guys read the rules? Do you realize how to mail services right now? You're actually questioning one of the largest and longest lasting sources out there smh

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  • Rustyhooker
  • 1 year ago

I negged you. Pussyboy, it typically takes 6 weeks on your promo crap. This aint Walgreens

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  • vhman
  • 1 year ago

You were directed to the rules when you signed up. How about reading them again. Not the place for this. No source talk in the open forums.