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  • Why to use huperzine-a with CJC 1295.

  • bigchips27   •   Wed, Jan 8th, '14 01:00   •   4 replies, 3808 views

I picked the following article up on another forum, I recently picked up a bunch of cjc 1295 and have been doing much research on it and what to run along side it. The article shows why running huperzine a along side cjc 1295 can dramatically increase results. I found the following very useful and would like to share it. Thanks

There is a class of compounds called Acetylcholineesterase inhibitors, that inihibit acetylcholineesterase, which is responsible for deactivating acetylcholine in the brain. Guess what? Acetylcholine is a very effective inhibitor of Somatostatin. Therefore Acetylcholineesterase inhibitors are indirect somatostatin inihibitors, working by increasing acetylcholine levels which then inhibit somatostatin levels.Does this really work? YES, its been clinically proven in numerous studies with stunning results. In the studies they used GHRH + Acetylcholineesterase inhibitor Pyrostigmine at a dosage of 120mg. What the study found is that orally administering Pyrostigmine, an acetylcholineesterase inhibitor, and then injecting GHRH vs. the placebo/control group resulted in a dramatically larger amount of GH released in response to the same dosage of GHRH. This is because somatostatin levels were dramatically lowered, and allowed an even larger amount of GH to be released in response to GHRH.Had the study used CJC-1295 they wouldve had a far greater result. Not only would more GH be released per surge, but they wouldve had an endless or damn near endless surge of GH release, rather than the normal "Pulsatile" release system which is controlled by:A) The short duration of GHRH and other endogenous secretagogues (overcome with CJC-1295)B) The GH-inhibitory action of Somatostatin (overcome with acetylcholineesterase inhibitors)Acetylcholineesterase inhibitors are taken orally, they are legal and readily available for purchase as they are extracted from natural plant sources. They are CHEAP, costing just a dollar or less per day to use in conjunction with CJC-1295. By taking them you can use a lower CJC-1295 dosage and still get much greater results. Normally the pituitary functions like this;1) Endogenous GH secretagogue such as GHRH or Ghrelin, signals pituitary to release HGH, the amount of GH released is controlled by somatostatin and GHRH quantity.2) Pituitary releases HGH creating a 'surge', immediately after, somatostatin levels rise thus making the pituitary unresponsive to GHRH or other secretagogues, GHRH remaining becomes deactivated due to proteocyltic cleavage.3) After the HGH released has become deacticated by the body, Somatostatin levels begin to decrease again, and once more endogenous secretagogues arrive, another surge will occur and repeat process.The pituitary function using CJC-1295 + a somatostatin inhibitor (in this case acetylcholineesterase inhibitors), functions like this:1) Exogenously supplied GH secretagogue CJC-1295 signals pituitary to release HGH, the amount of GH released is GREATER than without acetylcholineesterase inhibitor due to suppression of somatostatin.2) Pituitary releases HGH creating a surge, however, somatostatin levels fail to rise after the release, therefore the pituitary remains responsive to secretagogues to signal more release of HGH, and the CJC-1295 fails to degrade due to its design thus lasting 24 hours a day for 8-10 days from an injection.3) After the HGH is released, ANOTHER surge is immediatley signalled by the still active CJC-1295, and then another surge, and another, and another, and another, and another, and in the time span that 1 natural surge wouldve happened and another would be ready to go, probably 20x as many surges have already occured.So for just 50 extra cents a day and the consumption of an oral pill of a legal, readily available compound, you can ABSURDLY modify the pituitary response to CJC-1295 by suppressing Somatostatin. Theres 3 common acetylcholineesterase inhibitors, they are;Pyrostigmine (120mg/ed)Galantamine (8-16mg/ed)Huperzine A (50-150mcg/ed)


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  • 1 year ago

Don't forget the T4

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  • 3 years ago

Hey Bigchips27 I know I probably shouldn't be posting on this I'm a new guy been doing my research for a little over three yrs and want to start so I purchased from athletespharmacy and I heard they are good and all but they haven't messaged me at all recently I don't know if it's the weekend or what but that's what I hope you can tell me I spent about 730 bucks and I'm kinda disappointed I need some guidance here please I have no idea why they aren't replying I'm hoping it's just because it might be the weekend.

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  • 4 years ago

Good read. Thanks for the article! But I'm not sure if anyone else feels the same way I do but I feel like this would backfire.. Your body wants homeostasis right? Just like on an AAS cycle when you suppress your natural test your estrogen rises and you'll need a pct to recover natural body functions. Kind of the same thought here. You suppress somatostatin and your body has no regulator on how much HGH it's producing, so it keeps pumping it out like nothing. Which, don't get me wrong, would have awesome beneficial gain. However, once you come off it your somatostatin will want to increase drastically to counter all the HGH in the body, therefore blocking/severely limiting your natural HGH. I almost feel like once you quit CJC (and any other compounds stacked), you should taper you're soma inhibitor and use a small dose of a natural GH releaser to keep your natural production going while allowing the somatostatin a slow bounce back rather than a huge hit. Anyone else agree or am I over thinking it??

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  • 4 years ago

I've been reading about this and I plan on giving this a try.