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  • hCG protocol

  • thebuilder   •   Tue, Sep 15th, '20 19:31   •   3 replies, 84 views

i've seen many people post about their hcg protocol. some run it during cycle while others do a sort of blast at the end. which seems to be most effective


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  • EagerToLearn
  • 2 weeks ago

I am on 300iu´s 2x per week. It does raise E2 BUT only stimulates aromatization within the testes, which means it doesn´t increase up aromatization from exogenous test you inject, only the one you produce.

In my opinion I´d use low dose while on cycle (even 1x 250iu per week does suffice) just so that the leydig cells get some stimulation during this time. For kickstarting after cycle you can use higher dosages, depending on how much your testes atrophied, but I would not use above 500iu´s per day, due to the risk of overstimulation and leydig cell death

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  • Pxpxp
  • 2 weeks ago

Remember, HCG makes your body produce more estrogen while using it. So running it during a cycle is not always the best idea if you are using AAS that raise your estrogen.

I use it after my blast to jump start my sex drive. Before I got my balls snipped, my doctor had me on HCG for sperm count. Now I just use HCG for sex drive and better sensitivity.

But to answer your question, I was prescribed 250 iu’s x 2 a week. That amount I still use and (if quality HCG) it sky rockets my sex drive.

Now if your on TRT and wanting kids In the near future, I would talk to a doctor.

1+ for a great topic. Honestly, I would like to hear what more experienced guys have to say.

Hope that helps bro.

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  • thebuilder
  • 2 weeks ago
  • @Pxpxp

yeah everytime i've used it i did 250 iu 2x week. always worked out fine for me. i had some friends do the blast after their cycle before PCT and it worked out fine for them. i know everyones different so it's situational by person.