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Hello everyone! I am calling myself Applebucker here! I'm 28, 5'7", and 140lbs. I am currently in my first cycle and loving it. Did 10mg Clen for 2 weeks (been off for a week now), and have upped anavar from 5-10-20mg currently in my third week. Also on liver cleansing with dandelion, milk thistle, and plenty of eggs (I have chickens and ducks).
Not sure what my body will do as I'm solely in it to gain usable muscle, not so much for looks as I'm naturally butch. I am starting up my own welding business, and my strength comes not from bodybuilding, but from my job. Having to lift 160+ lb channels, pushing carts that weigh 1500 lbs, walking over 10 miles a day, and welding in leathers in 100+ degrees. It's a workout in and of itself. I currently work for a factory but I'm on the tailend of starting up my own repair welding shop (I'm months away from opening).
This is why I turned to steroids. I will be alone (I will not hire because OSHA), and thus I need to think smarter, not harder. Safe lifting/pushing/pulling, using lifting devices to my advantage, and increasing my overall flexibility and joint mobility while cycling is my focus.

Diet wise, I have had nothing to change. I'm very high protein to begin with as I have my own sources of eggs, being Rhode Island Reds and Muscovy ducks. I home cook all my meals, do keto during my woman's cycle, water and dry fasts during the cooler months. I am also big into IF.

As far as hobby workout stuff, I like bicycling. It's about the only cardio I do, but only as a stress relief. I actually struggle to find pants that fit because my calves are too thick (I am a size 1-2, and 3-4's solely for my legs as they are also very long for my height).

I guess I can't say what I'm capable of weight lifting wise, but before I got into welding, I tried CrossFit for a few months (back in 2013), and although I liked the intensity, I learned quick that a lot of moves seem far too advanced for the average Joe so I stopped out of fear of personal damage. I do remember being one of best dead lifters, maxing out 380lb one rep.

So yeah, there is a bit about me and what I'm after on this path.


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  • 3 months ago

Yes, I am a female. My goal is further build muscle, not so much lose fat (I'm in it for function over form) Having a training regiment utilizing weights is out of the question as I already work out 10 hours a day. There is a big difference in the strength I am going for that makes me not even desire to use the gym right now, as having muscle alone does not necessarily make it "usable" muscle. Thus, I am utilizing safe weight training practices in my job, treating the steel I deal with similar to weights. If I went to work out on top of my current job, I would be over training, which is not safe, steroids or not.

However, I am putting together a small at home gym, to make up for what I will not be doing once I'm out of my current day job and on my own. Because my work will vary, I can expect my body to lag a bit from not having to be adapted to 10 hours of hard labor, 6 days a week. This is why I'm trying to maximize my gains now, so that I can maintain them later easier later on. Creating routines now to adapt is key to maintaining, in diet and exercise.

I have actually been lurking here for months now, reading as much as I can before diving in. I really care about my long term health, so I don't want to do anything stupid. I'm not just eating eggs, but have a very honed diet overall, as I do my own cooking. The eggs is just an excuse to further up my protein intake as women in general do not get enough protein (or fats). I believe no diet should be just one or a small handful of foods. That can create health problems with your microbiome and put extra strain on the liver if the body is lacking nutrients because of a highly restricted diet. This can also make you develop food allergies, promote skin issues, and hurt your immune system.

And although no one in my life has ever asked if I've done steroids, I have been told by many people I should go into power lifting. I have always looked masculine, with broad shoulders and a stocky build for my height (I have only 15" between my neck and hip line, which is equivalent to the length of a medium child's shirt). So all my strength is in my legs and shoulders. With that said, I am working more on my core, doing at home exercises to build that up while I'm at it.

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  • 3 months ago

Welcome to eroids. Some people say girls make the best TIG welders. Sticking is such messy business but cooler in these hot summer months imo. Good luck on ur future business venture. U didnt say what ur goals were for being on cycle? I'm guessing u cutting some bodyfat? I'm in the industrial field also. I know u didnt ask for advice but we look out for each other. Cutting weight requires a good diet regimen and also focus on strength training in a controlled environment (gym). The strength will be constructive and keep u safer in the wild work environment. When I'm hanging 10ft in the air by one hand and snatching up 2ton chain falls with the other, my strength is already there and I'm able to do it in a controlled motion. More energy, strength, and mobility equals a great safe day. Glad to have ya here.

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  • 3 months ago

Welcome. 380lbs deadlift is mental at your stats and considering you only trained for a few months.

You should really consider becoming a competitive power lifter.

On a side note instead of popping pills and expecting miracles why not follow a strength training program and build your strength up? Good luck with your new business, I hope you make a success out of it.

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  • Willzilla
  • 3 months ago

Most people on here have manual jobs which can be hard work, however, eating eggs and taking steroids wont do much alone. You still have to work out hard and target the muscle groups you want to improve. Most people on here including myself i suppose you could call average joes. Plan a training routine that you can work around your job and family life, add more improvements to your diet adding more variety than eggs and spend alot of time reading up on steroids and the possible side effects which will happen if a half decent pct isnt applied. We all have to start somewhere and all of the answers are available providing the right questions are asked. Goodluck on your weilding business

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  • 3 months ago

Welcome, giving some of the terminology you used I’m going to assume you’re female. Start by reading the rules, lots to learn here.