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  • Weaksauce   •   Tue, May 15th, '18 21:29   •   3 replies, 616 views

Hi all. I have not made up my mind about running gear but a friend told me to do research here. I've ran SARMS a few different times. Now that they are going to be illegal might as well do the real stuff right? Anyways hope to learn from you guys/gals.


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  • Rustyhooker
  • 8 months ago

Fix your stats....

Welcome to eroids

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  • thePhoenix
  • 8 months ago

Welcome bro,
Definitely do your research. AAS is serious stuff, and there are plenty of options out there. It's a forever evolving machine, stay up to date, and be your best you. Read up, and enjoy!

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  • 8 months ago

Hello Sir,

Welcome to eRoids community.
Hope you know exactly what you're doing and will only make the right choices in your life Sir.