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  • Posting a source review without having tried the product yet ?

  • Living4ThePump   •   Mon, Apr 16th, '18 05:54   •   7 replies, 1381 views

Hey guys,
just a quick question about posting a source review. Am I allowed to post a review after receiving my gear but if I will use it only in a couple months since I still have some gear left ? So just reviewing the communication, packaging etc ?



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  • Jackyboy1
  • 9 months ago

Appearances can be deceiving, run it, see results, then give your review. Otherwise you could be unwittingly perpetuating a scam.

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  • Greg
  • 9 months ago

What they said...

If you want to update everyone go to the SI (discussion) page and just casually say something like,

"I got my shit, looks great, can't wait to try it, shipping was fast and discrete. I'll post a pic as soon as I figure out how."

The reviews are more formal and detailed. You should read ones that have been upvoted and try and use the same amount of info.

Use the search tool for how to write a review.

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  • Sam I Am
  • 9 months ago

When you do a review it clearly says at the top of the page do not review until you’ve used it.

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  • heavymetalmonsterD
  • 9 months ago

If that was me I'd post a quick thanks on the si discussion page and review it after I used it bro.. your karma will get negged for that man

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  • KMC
  • 9 months ago

It is like posting a review of your vacation before it even starts,............ DO NOT DO IT!!!

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  • IrishWOLFhound
  • 9 months ago

Am I allowed to post a review after receiving my gear

No mate you have to have used the gear for a period of time to gauge effectiveness of the gear you want to review .

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  • Gigel
  • 9 months ago

Obviously you're not allowed. It clearly says everywhere what's a review. You can tell everybody on discussion src page about that