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  • Not able to post lab reviews

  • kuteguy   •   Fri, Jan 12th, '18 07:16   •   3 replies, 79 views


I am trying to post a lab review - when I go to that section there are no lab reviews and when I click on submit a new lab report (or something like that) I get a 'forbidden' error. I am obviously logged in.

I would also like to post pics but looks like I don't have enough posts to post a pic?



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  • Greg
  • 6 days ago

Are you going here?


or here?


If you're submitting a lab, (second link) that is not the same as submitting a review.
Have you ever thought about making a friend or two so you'd be able to ask for help before you get yourself into a situation? Come on, you're a "kute" guy, you should be able to make friends easily.

I will roll your karma back to 0.
For your part you will make a few friends and read the rules.

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  • MegaTRON13
  • 6 days ago

how many forums are you going to post on? That’s something that could be between you and the mods concerning votes and karma. As of now, it’s not looking too good for you...

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  • Mr.Asteroids
  • 6 days ago

Hello man

Yes to start doing some things on eroids you have to increase your karma point. Comment forums and writing interesting posts.
Also there is moderator with whom you can talk, but also after karma point will be increased.

Probably at least 7-50 karma point is perfect ))

Good luck