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I want to be able to put on a good amount of mass while hopefully being able to lean out at the same time. I looked pretty good on cycle a couple months ago, but PCT has not been easy on me lol.

Bench 275x10
I need to start deadlifting again!

I'm planning on running lean compounds so as I don't add too much bodyfat or bloat to this frame and am going to keep it clean from here on out. Only 1 cheat meal per week. It would be REALLY nice to recomp to about 210 or 220 but we'll see what happens I always have a tendancy to gain really fast on blasts :) I'm talking 20-30 pounds in a couple weeks lol.

I'm going to primarily be using arctic's gear, no sponsorship, just running it on my own.

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  • MusicMan
  • 6 years ago

Make it happen were rooting for your best you can beat the bloat by hitting the abs and running 2-3 times a week buring a minimum of 100 calories with each session. You really dont want want to do more than that this will keep you tight while preserving your bulk. Also remember when your curling or any other exercises keep your stomach tight

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  • HydeMind
  • 7 years ago

Good luck sevenstring!