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  • tattoofreak
  • 5 days ago

Since months this roidking is scamming other sources pages with fake reviews from multiple accounts. Each of this fake reviews had a link to his shop or his email address on it. So it's more than obvious, that this scamming source is just trying to discredit other verified and reliable sources here on eroids!

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Damn I was just reading this over. Is there a way to see which member actually submitted the src to eroids?

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It was my idea, to submit! I asked Greg and he did it. If you're wondering why: This scamming shithead is directly listed as "confirmed scam" and so as a warning for the users not to try buying anything from this source ;)

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  • RickTL
  • 5 days ago

Made my first order with them and got robbed, stay away from them. Paid almost 1000$ splitting up the order with my training partner, it's now been 4 months and 17 days since and nothing has been sent or delivered. If there is anyone out there looking for a trusted and reliable source then visit they have quality sources

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