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  • pedrov88
  • 7 months ago

You right Samjone, this lab, and all from mexico are a total waste of time, they claim to have many testimonials, but someone with 2 neurons working do not belive them, and not use ANY gear from mexican lab (underground). Some years ago Atlantis Pharma (human grade pharma) produced STENOX (fluoxymesterone) in 2.5mg tabs. they was counterfeited many times, today is not produced anymore. Some years ago if you had the legit stenox, was a real shit, one of the best halo i tried ever. today you can find stenox rewiew in the vademecum. and few years ago stenox was listed in the COFEPRIS agency (some like FDA).

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  • PumpDaddy1
  • 2 years ago

Hey all, I am proud to present a new lab that's available its called Omega. Its a High Grade Ethyl-Oleate lab
available at Inquire for more details.

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This lab isnt new. I left a bad review for it on Eroids 5 years ago. Its a bunk Mexican lab. I used it and gave it to several of my clients and the oils produced no results or sides in any of us. Because im an honest business person and I knew after ising it myself that it was bunk I refunded all of my customers that complained. If you have any desire to stay in business long term I strongly suggest you find a didfernt lab to be a re-seller for.