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  • ED9
  • 1 month ago

All the people i know like their stuff and they defiently sell allot more kenwoo here in town than alpha pharma. But what i noticed is that the first vials where strightly more dark in oil than the newer ones with serial label on and allso some vials changed form. But people swear their vote on this brand so why not give it a try. I can tell you this. Bodyhouse danish biggest bodybuilding group open forum on roids and what they take and discuss cycles what so ever on facebook they want this and stays away from the more known popular alpha pharma? But kenwoo testosteron is not so good and i allso i do not believe their high label claim. But they work and is not bad underdosed. Im gonna try a cycle soon on this and so do my wife. I will leave a review when we finished both. Best regards from Denmark

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  • tattoofreak
  • 7 months ago

I got information from a german seller, which i want to share with the community:
He had the last charge of kenwoo gear without check-codes. Because now are codes available, kenwoo has sent him 500 stickers without any vials, to relabel his old vials.... i would NOT trust a lab, which does some bullshit like this!!! Kenwoo can not 100% know, where the stickers will be added. Thats an knock out criteria and i think kenwoo isn't a trustable lab!

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Thanx for info mate, good to know.

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  • Juggernaut_13
  • 8 months ago

Yeah their speakers slam

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  • tattoofreak
  • 8 months ago

Does anyone know this lab? Seems to have a good range with interesting dosages... unfortunately I can't find many infos about them.

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I've got one of there blenders its realy good bro ;-))