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  • Sethmc86
  • 2 months ago

I bought this product. My first time trying a cycle. Firstly I noticed very little if any gains. Secondly I was ill twice from these. The first time I didn't think it was the steroids. But stopped during being ill as didn't get out of bed and assumed I had some viral infection. But 2 weeks In to taking again I got the same infection. Stomach pains. Fever. Cold sweats. I also noticed the tabs were powdery and crumbled easy and were white with no stamp on them. Definatly not using this lab again.

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  • ph33r
  • 7 months ago

I had good results with this lab. I didn't feel it was underdosed or overdosed. I see a few members here have had negative results, which could possibly mean there's counterfeit products out there.

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  • i20bpm
  • 9 months ago

Any other info on this brand from any other members? I seen a couple products that are dosed the way I like them but also seen some bad reviews. Another reputable src on here is carrying this brand, any info would be appreciated

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  • ED9
  • 9 months ago

This is the worst brand i ever tried the new ones with serial number are underdosed and full of bacteria compared to the first ones they created without. I got 4 infections in 6 weeks from rapidmix and npp even when taken 800 mg of pincelin i still got the infection! Be carefull in the beginning this brand was great but then they changed vials and oil got allot lighter in color and then got serial number scrathing codes. They have maked same mistake as biosira and bioniche. If u look close the vials and serials design are identical with bioniche. Do not spend money on this brand its full of bacteria i rather inject diamond pharma than this brand!!!!!

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  • tattoofreak
  • 1 year ago

I got information from a german seller, which i want to share with the community:
He had the last charge of kenwoo gear without check-codes. Because now are codes available, kenwoo has sent him 500 stickers without any vials, to relabel his old vials.... i would NOT trust a lab, which does some bullshit like this!!! Kenwoo can not 100% know, where the stickers will be added. Thats an knock out criteria and i think kenwoo isn't a trustable lab!

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Thanx for info mate, good to know.

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  • Juggernaut_13
  • 1 year ago

Yeah their speakers slam

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  • tattoofreak
  • 1 year ago

Does anyone know this lab? Seems to have a good range with interesting dosages... unfortunately I can't find many infos about them.

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I've got one of there blenders its realy good bro ;-))