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+ 3 Cutting cycle to get back in the game!


Hello! Started a cutting phase, and would love to share updates! I am a past competitor. Win multiple teen 1st place wins, 1 novice overall win (got into open fast) and a few open class bodybuilding top 3 places all at the age of 18-20. Took hiatus from bodybuilding, gym, diet and PEDS. Had a kid, started a business and been so busy for the last 6 years. Now I’m 26 and on a path of destruction in the kitchen and ready to get back to where I was! I’m 6’0 or 6’1, sitting at 282.3lbs. Off season I sat around 255-258.. goal this period of time is to land myself by the end of the cycle and phase, somewhere that primes me for growth on a rebound.

I will post diet changes as I go along, weight changes, and post some photos along the way! I am old school in terms of my diet. Carbs ONLY around training, I train later in the day so my first 4 meals can be 0 carbs, paired with fasted cardio and no food obviously through the night I’ll be a fat burning machine! 100% of my carbs will be pre/intra/post workout. With fats higher in the 2/3/4/7 meals to sustain energy. Pre and post meals no direct fats, other than my pre workout beef. Carbs from mostly rice and plain potatoes. Proteins from chicken, a whey shake, white fish and beef. Fats from avocados, and beef. I do not use special sugar free sauces, I don’t don’t do stupid dressings, I don’t do kept friendly food BS, I don’t do IIFYM. I am old school. Idc what my macros are. If need to lean out I’ll lower the amount of rice or potatoes I eat, up my cardio or other ideas. 100% old school and it works for me.

Training is 3on 1off to start, 3 days a week 20 mins fasted cardio. Training with volume for now.

Cycle is as follows (per week):

1-3 Superdrol Injectable 10mg ED

1-6 Test E 1,050mg
1-6 Tren Ace 350mg
1-6 EQ 800mg
1-6 3-4ius of GH (depending on sides)
1-6 Prov 25mg
1-6 TNE on heavy leg days

7-14 Tren Ace 525mg

7-20 Test E 1,050mg
7-20 EQ 800mg
9-20 Primo 400mg (once I stop Tren, primo will peak)

7-20 5-6ius of GH (depending on sides)
7-20 Prov 25mg
7-20 TNE on heavy leg days.

• Have PHARMA AI, and Caber on hand.
• Blood work scheduled for weeks 5/10/14/18 and 2 weeks after cycle. Prepaid/booked and ready to go.
• gathering info for blood donation probably week 10 and if need be week 18. All depending on blood work.

I know how Tren and I react, but I am not a believer in the long ester of Tren. That’s why I’ll be running Ace. I’ll be pinning this all EOD for that reason. Also too much oil to want to try and pin long ester. Prefer pinning EOD.

Not a huge oral person so other than some Superdrol injectable I’m dying to try, I’m keeping away from anything that might make me lethargic or feel like crap!


Week/ProductTestE Tren A EQPrimo IUs GH SD ED PROV
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Ive tried inj orals and they always react the same as normal orals. I get major lethargy on SD, like can barely get out of bed only to want to lay on a couch

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I don't know if you have ran inj SD before but it treats me the same as the oral. 10mg/d of the inj and I had to tap out after a week. Couldn't handle the lethargy. All I wanted to do was sit on the couch.

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Haven’t ran it before! That’s the 1 new variable in my cycle!

Pinned 10mg hour before training shoulders yesterday and had a killer pump. Just finally getting that muscle mind connection back and the pump was great. I’ll know more within the next 2-3 days as yesterday was day two. Tiny tiny bit of PIP from where I pinned (right quad) but nothing I can even notice until I sit on the toilet lol but even then it’s hey that’s the SD pin. Nothing bad at all.

If I get too lethargic I’ll stop but so far so good! Diets been great. Perfecting timing for tren, as the weather is finally cooling down where I am! Only 78 today

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With that cycle and that diet - you should be a beast. Good luck. And try to take a before and after pic. Look forward to see your transformation!

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Id switch tren a for enth just to save pins. The sd right off the bat is already explosive. Easy to mix blend test eq tren enth too

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I like the idea of if need be I can cut the tren A out earlier than planned if I felt it’s not needed, and get the drug out faster! I’ve been so back and forth about it. But now I’m debating big time about a quick order of TrenE!

I got a good rotation of glutes, outter quads, little bit in tear drops, middle delt, rear delt (once I bring them up again), chest and once I bring my lats back up I’ll be fine pinning that again. I’m not scared of pinning anywhere except calves lol.

I’m excited for SD. Big confidence boost and strength right out of the gate.

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Your alot further along then i will ever be. But to me tren A is sooo much superior for me and my body. Just my opinion on my body. But i hope you great luck man

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Oh trust me I got a long way to go to get back to my old ways.

The weights at the gym are finally starting to click for me this week. At first it felt so weird, it fucked with me mentally. I’m still struggling in the gym with how I look compared to my old self! I will say though I’m at a commercial gym currently and my ass outworks everyone there already. Everyone on their phones or talking. Headphones on and I’m OFF. I found a song last week that I’m addicted to. Kept pulling my phone out to repeat the song lol!

Take a listen to “feel nothing” by the plot in you. Gets you AMPED UP

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Youre schooled at rotation so it shouldnt be difficult. Will be fun to watch your results!

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Damn tren and sdrol? Don't see how ya do it! Keep us posted man

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I really don’t get any sides from tren until just after week 2. By about mid week 2-3 I get my usually sides, so if I have to stop Superdrol a few days early I will! It’ll be a push, but I think having that strength from Superdrol going up right away will build some confidence and really set me up for good progress! All mental!

My only real side from tren is sweating like crazy. I don’t get much else. I’m in the PNW so it’s cooling off and it’ll be 65 and cloudy very soon! Thankfully lol I’m usually at jobsites helping so the cool weather will save my butt

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Lol wish I was in PNW lol. Hot at my location. Can't wait until fall. So yea I can't use tren or superdrol. At times I wish I could use certain hormones at certain dosages but my system is too weak I assume. All good cause it's a blessing in disguise

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This is a heavy cycle, you'll need to watch your BP and donate blood a few times during this cycle. Don't neglect the ancillaries. A good kidney and liver supplement will be worth it's weight in gold, I've noticed they help lower the tren sides for me as well. Good luck with this cycle, post some physique updates, I expect to see two different people from week 1-20

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Got my new BP monitor a few days ago. Be checking that every day logging it. Located the blood donation banks for the next few weeks. Will keep up to date on donating blood depending on bloods!

Some supps I use: kidney by revive Md, liv52 for liver, vitamin C/D, multi by revive MD, joint by revive MD. Tons of others. Whole tackle box of pills in the morning lol.

I expect that myself! Muscle memory should be fun!

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Meal 1: 2 cups egg whites cooked, 1/4 cup Pico salsa, 16oz water with glutamine, and electrolytes packet

meal 2: 8oz cooked chicken breast, .5oz almonds, 1 cup of veggies of choice (broccoli or fresh green beans are my go-to).

meal 3: 8oz cooked chicken breast, .5oz almonds, 1 cup veggies

meal 4: 6oz salmon, 1 cup of veggies

meal 5 (pre): 6oz steak or ground beef, 250g of cooked white rice,

Intra: 5g BCAA, 5g EAA, 5g Glutamine, 50g carbs from cyclic dextrin in 48 oz of water.

post: 2 scoops of whey (ON nutrition), 105g of rice

meal 6: 8oz of tilapia/rockfish/cod, 1 house salad

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Come to my house, you'll be a cheff cook. Or at least you can do the grocery shopping and pay for all that stuff :-))