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  • SuperMaroid   •   Sat, Apr 8th, '17 02:15   •   2 replies, 261 views

Cycle progress update

Week 10 update. Weighing 223. Only a 1 pound gain in the past 2 weeks, but gained 15 pounds off this cycle in 10 weeks. I'm enjoying this cycle, cant believe its over in 4 more weeks. Still hoping to hit 230 from it but its getting much harder to gain weight once I hit 220. Going to have to add more food to my diet. In the gym I've been sweating a lot more, and when I wake up in the morning sometimes I'm full of sweat. Have a little back acne but taking a 2nd shower a day is really helping. These bottles really have 10.5 cc, iFit was not kidding when they said that. Not a fan that there minimum went up to $400 but I could see why. Going to update in another 2 weeks like always, only 2 updates left after this. Already planning my next cycle out after I cruise for a little. I will post it in my week 14 update. And sorry guys about no pics, I get a lot of comments and messages to post pics. This is just a written log to tell you my experience with a source, and for me to look back on in the future. Hope everyones having a good day and keeps up those big lifts!

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  • Rustyhooker
  • 2 years ago

Your protein up towards 400? Good complex carbs?

Might try 2 days off the gym. Eat huge! Carb up and rest. Then hit the volume lifts hard. Lil rest and refuel does wonders.

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Good idea. Thanks for the feedback.

I'm eating around 5k calories a day. Trying to figure out how to add more food. I'm eating about every 2 hours. Diet consists of:

6 eggs
2 oatmeals
2 waffles
2 quarter pounders from mcdonalds
Ice cream

I start eating around 6am and finish eating around 10pm. Only have about 2 shakes a day because it kills my appetite and I gain more weight from food.

I have a really fast metabolism. Anything you recommend me add? Or should I just make every meal a little bigger?