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  • Bearded_muscle   •   Thu, Nov 7th, '19 22:32   •   3 replies, 282 views

Cycle progress update

Finished up my primo run.
This has been a BLAST and huge thank you to UG Freak for making it happen. The anavar has brought out some good vascularity and dryness toward the end of the line. I’ve had to lower my dose some days due to BP so I would say you can trust the dragon primo and var right now.

I lower my primo dose at the end to help dry out a little and I feel fantastic. Measured my arm and I hit 20.5 (pumped)! So I put on about an inch. I also lost 20 pounds to finish at 225. My chest has improved slightly, a little fuller, and I’m seeing good striations in my delts while training. My waist is tight at 32 inches and I’m aiming to get it down to 30 by next year. No more size game for me.

The primo will have a little pip if you push 3cc’s but that is to be expected and was never a hinderance on mobility or functionality, just would remind me where I pinned if I forgot. I would say for recomp a gram of primo is the sweet spot for growing and cutting fat simultaneously. For cutting you can get away with half that and adding some anavar compliments the look beautifully.

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  • Twiztd
  • 6 months ago

That's awesome bro. I'm getting ready to start stocking up for a 20wk for after the January eq cycle. Thanks for documenting it. I've been on the fence with primo

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  • Trentastic
  • 6 months ago
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  • GrowMore
  • 7 months ago

Seeing you crack this log has encouraged me to do one real soon, thank you for taking the time to add to it.

You can see the real difference comparing your first back shot to the most recent, you’ve cut a lot of bf. Decent recomp and now ready to shreds up