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  • z1blastomatic   •   Mon, Jul 2nd, '18 18:42   •   7 replies, 399 views

Cycle layout

WeekTest Eth1-Test-CypTest PropAdrolProvironAromasin
1500mg400mg50mg EOD50mg ed25mg edA
2500mg400mg50mg ed25mg edS
3500mg400mg25mg edN
4500mg400mg25mg edE
5500mg400mg50mg ed25mg edE
6500mg400mg50mg ed25mg edD
7500mg400mg25mg edE
8500mg400mg25mg edD
9500mg400mg25 mg ed
10500mg400mg25mg ed
11500mg400mg25mg ed
12500mg400mg25mg ed
13500mg400mg25mg ed
14450mg400mg25mg ed
15450mg400mg25mg ed
16450mg400mg25mg ed
17100mg EOD25mg ed
18100mg EOD25mg ed

Description, concerns and expectations

12.5% bf
29 yrs old

Already have the gear on hand, just looking to get my BF% down but this is more or less the lay out I am looking at for my next cycle.
Standard clomid/nolva pct with a HCG 5000iu . Any input would be a appreciated .

Pre cycle picture

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Post cycle picture

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Cycle progress updates

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  • z1blastomatic
  • 1 year ago

Alright let me change gears here.

I am not gonna start the cycle for another few weeks.

I can take away the mast and add 1-test-cyp in its place and focus completely on adding weight.

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  • basskiller89
  • 1 year ago

lol is this your first couple cycles brother?

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  • PPGfreak
  • 1 year ago

I can’t give any input because I don’t know what your goal is. Are you trying to cut weight? Recomp? Bulk cycle? What’s your calorie intake look like?

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looking to recomp, add quality muscle and drop more body fat.

Calorie intake about 2000 on off days and 3000 on workout days.

Also thinking about adding a weekly therapeutic dose of deca for my joints, not sure what would be appropriate as far as dose. And maybe add another adrol pulse.

My bad should have included all that to begin with.

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I personally don’t understand the point of trying to recomp nor do I ever see it done successfully.

When I need to lose weight I’m in a calorie deficit.
When I need to gain weight I’m in a calorie surplus.

How can I truly do those both correctly at the same time?

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I agree. The phrase recomp just makes me think someone's let themself go. Low fat, keto it all boils down to calories...there are no gimmicks or shortcuts when dieting. I'm a bulky guy and my diet is e extremely clean. I also don't like the phrase dirty bulk..

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People pretty know my thoughts on a recomp. Chasing two squirrels at the same which makes it impossible to catch even one. Pick just one squirrel and go after it. You will be much more successful.