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  • EditTest Prop First Cycle

  • Gaylord   •   Mon, Jan 16th, '17 00:26   •   10 replies, 230 views

Cycle layout

WeekTestosterone PropAdexNolvadexClomid
1500mg.25mg eod
2500mg.25mg eod
3500mg.25mg eod
4500mg.25mg eod
5500mg.25mg eod
6500mg.25mg eod
7500mg.25mg eod
8500mg.25mg eod
940mg ed50mg
1040mg ed50mg
1120mg ed25mg
1220mg ed25mg

Description, concerns and expectations

Young, 21, but need to gain mass for sports or get booted. Already got kid so no need for nuts. Taking care of baby dropped test levels, 550ng/l now. Have Letro
5'11 180
10-12% bodyfat

Goal: 200lbs still fast on field

Pre cycle picture

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Post cycle picture

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Cycle progress updates

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  • Gaylord's picture
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  • Gaylord
  • 2 months ago

Aight boys I'll try to gain some more natty first

  • trenning's picture
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  • trenning
  • 2 months ago

Too young...

  • Greg's picture
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  • Greg
  • 2 months ago

We do not condone the use of AAS for anyone until the age of 25.
You may use and contribute to this site ONLY for diet and exercise information.

After this warning, any future posts even hinting about AAS use and you will be banned.

  • noguru's picture
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  • noguru
  • 2 months ago

Keep training natty at least untill ur 25. By that time u will most likely be more then a solid 200. Insteed of stunning ur growth potential. U might never need aas at all.

  • Gaylord's picture
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  • Gaylord
  • 2 months ago

So waiting a few years will better my chances of having my test levels rebound after cycle? I thought that test levels would rebound quicker for someone younger vs someone older.

  • PropSlayer's picture
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  • PropSlayer
  • 2 months ago

You're going to have the test levels of a 4 year old girl after the 8 weeks is up and the prop is out of your system.

This is all around a bad idea man. Don't ruin your endocrine system even worse for life just to stay on a sports team

  • Caeser's picture
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  • Caeser
  • 2 months ago

This post smells funny

  • Pmob's picture
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  • Pmob
  • 2 months ago

Why do you want to use AAS? Why are you using Prop? This isn't going to do anything besides disappoint you.

  • mobman702's picture
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  • mobman702
  • 2 months ago

Yikes.. FYI- you won't get much positive feed back on here due to your age.. Just saying....

  • Vio26's picture
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