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  • chunkypbnj   •   Sun, Feb 12th, '17 21:48   •   3 replies, 234 views

Cycle layout

WeekTest EEQAnavar or Winny
15-2050mg ED
21+back to TRT

Description, concerns and expectations

I am going on a 2-week golf vacation at the end of the summer with some old friends (male and female) from college. Currently 265 at about 15% bf. Been off cycle for 2 months. Going to get back on in at the end of March. This will be my first time running EQ. I have run test, deca, tren a, and dbol in the past. This is my fifth cycle. Really enjoyed low test, higher tren so want to try low test, higher EQ for summer. Depending on how lean I get I may run some var or winny for the last 6 weeks as finisher. I want to look my best! Will run AI as dictated by bloodwork. No PCT as am TRT.

Want to get down to 6% bf by end of cycle and stay above 240lbs.

Would like opinions on EQ dosing and which compound is the better finisher.

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  • purejuiced
  • 4 weeks ago

EQ gives me serious a appetite. So will only use it onbulk cycles.

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  • switch87x
  • 1 month ago

Personally I think less is more brother. I wouldn't start at 900... maybe 600 max. A lot of people get appetite increase from EQ too which would be no bueno for a cutter. I personally don't get it. Also would watch bloods around week 8 and see if you need to donate.

I run my EQ between 400-600 with low test- around 200. I achieve great results with that. I've always bulked though. Haven't used gear for a cut yet so really i cant comment on that aspect. Best of luck to you.

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I donate 5-6 times per year. Basically, every other month. I have received donor blood in a past surgery. Just want to keep paying it forward.