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  • Bigd2604   •   Wed, Dec 20th, '17 14:39   •   4 replies, 561 views

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Week1 - 12 test p

Description, concerns and expectations

Hi guys I have been out the gym for around 12 months after an injury, as you can see the pics below are me now and the 2nd picture is me 2 years ago I'm aiming to be bigger than I was then this is a goal for me I'm giving myself 12 weeks and im only running test prop pharma grade 500 mg per week I'm also taking t3 for fat loss 25 MCG end tapering up to 75mcg e/d and down again.

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  • SunnyD.81
  • 1 year ago

Messing with your thyroid is never a good idea and t3 is quite catabolic I believe.....in my experience with injury recovery, proper exercise and supplements helped the most and changing my diet, eliminating foods that caused inflammation and tracking my macros properly..but t3 is an awful idea. And the Test might make you push your limits too hard and hurt yourself again..

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  • Bearded_muscle
  • 1 year ago

Agree with makwa on this one. Get your base back naturally and see how your injury recovery has gone. Feel it out slowly and start adding weight. When you find the limits on what you can do now (must’ve been serious if it kept you out the gym for a year) then maybe think about a mild cycle. If you’ve been out for a year you’re gonna make gains regardless.

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  • tilum66
  • 1 year ago

Test prop 500mg is to much imo you can drasticly down your bf with 300 mg week of test prop with good diet without adding t3 it's not for you dont fuck with thyroïde buddy it's for competitor imo

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  • Makwa
  • 1 year ago

Not a good idea hopping right into a cycle after a layoff from injury. Good way to re-injure and totally unnecessary. Muscle memory is an amazing phenomenon so take advantage of all it will give you first to get back to your pre-injury condition and then run cycle.