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  • Moosterhuis   •   Thu, Aug 30th, '18 16:55   •   8 replies, 565 views

Cycle layout

WeekPharmaTest E300PharmaNan D300Dianabolos 10
1600mg600mg40mg ED
2600mg600mg40mg ED
3600mg600mg40mg ED
4600mg600mg40mg ED

Description, concerns and expectations

1- 4 weeks / Dianabolos 10 / 40mg ed
1-10 weeks / PharmaTest E300 / 600mg a week
1-10 weeks / Pharma Nan D300 / 600mg a week

I started in December 2017 at the weight of 92kg, looking like absolute dogsh**. After 10 weeks I was up to a bulky 106kg. (muslcememory did play a part) But this was insane and something I did not expect to achieve. To be honest I think I could have taken a lower dose, I was not used to the quality of PharmaComStore and it is probably the best gear I ever took.

No pip, no acne (normally I break out by dbol). Just a ton of gains.

Pre cycle picture

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Post cycle picture

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Cycle progress updates

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  • Celestiax
  • 6 months ago

A moment of silence for his reproductive system, please... Please read about Nandrolone and its side effects. The length of esters, and length of cycles. Why you should exhaust all options before using AAS.

Get blood tests to see what damage this cycle has caused. Also, the pics make no sense because you look leaner on Deca, Test and Dbol with no ancillaries of any kind. No saying it's impossible, but judging by your poor cycle choices, I doubt your diet and exercise knowledge is any different.

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  • press1
  • 7 months ago

What did your muscles 'remember' then?...

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Hes sucking on the source lmao

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  • Moosterhuis
  • 7 months ago

First of all, a good day to all of you my dear friends.

The fact that all of you are looking at my transformation with true disbelieve makes me a proud man of all that I have achieved so far.

Yes my age is under 25, luckely I am turning 25 this december. I expect nothing less than a huge birthday cake from all of you.

Showing my face of real name does not matter in my country.

Big love to you all.

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  • Sam I Am
  • 7 months ago

Bullshit -2

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He wrote a review too, he even says he is under 25 in it.

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I saw that I negged it..