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  • larry-k   •   Tue, Dec 19th, '17 10:03   •   2 replies, 381 views

Cycle layout

WeekTestosterone EnanthateEquiposeNolvadexDianabol
1500mg600mg50mg (25mg x 2)350mg (50mg per day)
2500mg600mg50mg (25mg x 2)350mg (50mg per day)
3500mg600mg50mg (25mg x 2)350mg (50mg per day)
4500mg600mg50mg (25mg x 2)350mg (50mg per day)
5750mg800mg50mg (25mg x 2)
6750mg800mg50mg (25mg x 2)
7750mg800mg50mg (25mg x 2)
8750mg800mg50mg (25mg x 2)
9750mg800mg50mg (25mg x 2)
10750mg800mg50mg (25mg x 2)
11500mg600mg50mg (25mg x 2)
12500mg600mg50mg (25mg x 2)

Description, concerns and expectations

Open to any input or recommendations as regards next cycle or even where I could have improved the following :)

Started off my cycle after a 6 weeks cruise at 250mg test once a week.
Used the following for twelve weeks.

+Veromodje Test Enanthate
+Biosira Boldenone Undecyclenate (Equipose)
+Bioniche Nolvadex
+Primus Ray Dianabol

Overall I found this to be rather effective. I liked the primus ray dbol, strong painful pumps and a little water as one would expect, my appetite doesn't really get affected by orals either.
The biosira eq was okay, didn't feel the usual 'on' feeling I get from it but that said my sex drive was through the roof and I kept somewhat vascular while pushing calories.
The Veromodje Test was my first time using it and I found it brilliant, one of the best I've used thus far.
Bioniche Nolva did it's job too, prefer it to Arimdex as doesn't fuck with blood lipids as severely or make me feel like shit.

Pre cycle picture

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Cycle progress updates

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  • tilum66
  • 1 year ago

And your protocole pct ? Nolva juste Block e2 they Will rebound pretty quickly.. Exemastane is à better choice to keep e2 in normal range and keep shbg in good range to

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I generally blast and cruise as opposed to coming off completely, IMO full PCT and restoration process takes too long if you plan on going back on within 2-3 months of coming off.
Using nolvadex has less effect on my blood lipids than arimedex, saw that from blood work I've gotten back. Agree aromasin would be optimal but cost is an issue unfortunately