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  • EditNeed some critique and guidance for this upcoming long blast UPDATED 11/20/16

  • BeastoftheEast   •   Wed, Nov 16th, '16 14:59   •   16 replies, 534 views

Cycle layout

WeekTPPNPPMastPSdrolGhrp6maybe Bold Cyp
11800mg600mg15mg pre300mcg500mg
12800mg600mg15mg pre 300mcg500mg
13800mg600mg15mg pre300mcg500mg
14800mg600mg15mg pre300mcg500mg

Description, concerns and expectations

26, 225lbs currently maintaining, 6'2".

Been cycling for the past 2 and a half years and have used many different compounds. Bounced info from numerous guys around so my cycles were unfortunately changing on a monthly basis. But all remained with a test base. I've used masterone prop before I believe at roughly 400mg a week, noticed hair shedding in the shower about two weeks into using it. Now will have Finasteride on hand and used daily for battling the shedding. NPP I have mixed reviews with, my previous experience was it was good, but not what everyone was saying about it. So hopefully this cycle everything will be on point and I can reap the benefits of filling out with NPP. Again this is just a rough idea of compounds I want to run and what the best approach will be. I plan to be on for a while, most likely 24 weeks. About 1/3 through the cycle I'll most likely switch from short esters to long esters and switch some compounds up then the last few weeks switch back to short esters. So it will be Short esters weeks 1-8, Long esters weeks 6-18, then short esters again weeks 17-24 then PCT with HCG, nolva, and clomid. Hoping to have a complete physique change without running too much gear but maximizing the compounds used. Any insight will help immensely. I will be using aromasin 10mg ed starting week 2 and will have caber on hand in case of any prolactin issues from the NPP. Was thinking of throwing Proviron in when I'm not on mast to keep the density I build. Regardless, excited to see the feedback and get insight from the community. BTW the TPP/NPP/MastP is a pre made blend of 100/100/50. ALSO the injectable dbol/adrol is a blend of 50mg dbol and 50mg adrol per cc. I will be doing 1/2 cc am and 1/2 cc pre workout

EDIT 11/20/16 - Now simplifying everything sticking to TPP/NPP/Mast/GHRP6 and throwing in an oral in the middle of the cycle for some fun. Thinking of running Proviron when I stop the Mast, or staying with the starting dosages for 16 weeks then taper the last two. Wanted to switch to long esters at week 12 and ride those out till week 22 and taper with fast esters into PCT but wanted to update this and see what comments I get and if I'm going in the right direction now. GHRP6 is for my hunger and I love the sleep from it as well. This cycle is mainly for gaining size at a steady rate and seeing how much I can keep after PCT. I could throw in Bold Cyp at 500mg a week as well, that is an option I'd like to get feedback on at least.

Pre cycle picture

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Cycle progress updates

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  • rocketballz
  • 2 years ago

Don't forget 500mgs of heart attack weeks 8-16.

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  • www
  • 2 years ago

ok, No bashing here. If that's your true pick and stats, looks like you have a decent foundation. Scrap this lay out and just go to a very basic one. Gains are not mainly from gear, but they are the icing on the cake. Determine your goals and re-evaluate your cycle. Lots here to help pm me, if needed. I'm no pro but have done well myself with basics. Good luck, sometime thick skin is needed on this site and its unfortunate.
- this cycle layout is bad and 24 weeks WAY TOO long.

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  • readyman
  • 2 years ago

Holy crap this is so stupid....i can't believe you would do this to yourself.......holy craps man! Do you wanna have live sperm , do you want ppl to love you. Holy crap man.......come to me and let me show you the light.......i will give you karma if you give me glory......holy craps man.

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  • Twiztd
  • 2 years ago

Gotta mix it up keep the body guessing. Keep it confused. God dammit. Haha. Maybe just stick with one cycle not mix it up and stay consistent throughout not changing compounds every few week

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Right babe? Lol

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  • felony
  • 2 years ago

or maybe just some test

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  • BeastoftheEast
  • 2 years ago

After reading the comments, definitely revising this. To me, I thought switching from short esters to longer for a while then polish up with the short esters again was ok. Just switching different esters and compounds. As weird as it sounds being on the same compound for an extended amount of time makes me antsy to try something else out. I know gear isn't like supplements by any means, but my only reason of coming up with this was an ideal cycle with all the compounds I would love to run in a long blast... Looking at it now, it looks way overdone. I have been cycling for the past two years (started at 24) and made some pretty dumb cycle options due to misleading information and idiots giving me cycle advice (should've known when a guy told me to hop on tren in my first cycle). I'll edit this cycle in the morning and hopefully it will be much more simple and set and whoever commented on this can see my improvement and effort to learn. If there is anything you guys would do to this please help me out or choose which compounds out of all to run. I wanted to keep my test relatively stable and switch compounds around. The short esters to get the kickstart then transition into the long ones to put some good size and thickness on, then switch back to short to polish up what I gained during the long ester drive. Honestly hope to get as much insight as possible before revising this and pulling the trigger. So far I have the TPP/NPP/MastP blend on the way and plan to run that for roughly 8 weeks, would like to add an oral in there like superdrol, but waiting to see how things go. I've run everything except the IGF peps, and the dbol/adrol injectable blend. Thank you again guys for steering me clear of a completely overdone. Maybe some got a few laughs out of it, considering I've personally seen cycles on here similar to mine as far as being way overdone with no sense.

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  • Gymjunkie01
  • 2 years ago

Here not to bash you but .. let's throw a bunch of compounds together that doesn't make sense and see what the out Come is.... did you honestly look at what you put down ? And does it make sense to you? Fuck no it doesn't make sense a damn monkey with a crayon could come up with a better cycle than this

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  • happycapy
  • 2 years ago

Do you have kids? If not don't you want kids one day, or at least the option. 26 years old, wow. So many of the younger men now a days that are set on doing gear under value the simple 12 week test only cycle. Best cycle you'll ever do and with hard work, proper diet keep almost all your gains and not be all fucked up.

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  • ChickenBirdOfGains
  • 2 years ago

Holy fuck

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  • Rustyhooker
  • 2 years ago

Post current picture. Cycle is hugely over done

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  • SexWeightsProte...
  • 2 years ago

what the fuck is this?

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He forgot to add the Kitchen Sink to this... OMG.... Loss for words..

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  • Makwa
  • 2 years ago

Where are those new emojis shaking their head that BFG is planning on rolling out?

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  • TryHarder007
  • 2 years ago
  • @Makwa

I think I have an easier time in one of my high level law classes than understanding this.. smh