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  • Editmy long good gains cycle

  • woodchuck   •   Tue, Jan 3rd, '17 19:42   •   3 replies, 466 views

Cycle layout

Weektest enanthatebold cypmast proparomasinhcgnolvadexclomiphene
4500mg400mgs6.25 2x a day
5500mg400mgs6.25 2x a day
6500mg400mgs6.25 2x a day
7500mg400mgs6.25 2x a day250iu 2x a wk
8500mg400mgs6.25 2x a day250iu 2x a wk
9500mg400mgs100mgs eod6.25 1x a day250iu 2x a wk
10500mg400mgs100mgs eod6.25 1x a day250iu 2x a wk
11500mgs400mgs100mgs eod6.25 1x a day250iu 2x a wk
12500mgs400mgs100mgs eod6.25 1x a day250iu 2x a wk
13100mgs eod250iu 2x a wk
14100mgs eod250iu 2x a wk
1540mgs split 2x a day100mgs split 2x a day
1640mgs split 2x a day100mgs split 2x a day
1720mgs split 2x a day50mgs split 2x a day
1820mgs split 2x a day50mgs split 2x a day

Description, concerns and expectations

33yrs old
195-200lbs depending on the day
My cycle history is I have ran 3 prior cycles 1 was my f up cycle when I was young and I new nothing about taking gear. I got 3 vials of test cyp and injected 1ml every 3 days I'm lucky I don't have tits because I didn't even know what a pct or ai were back then. I was 23 when I made that stupid mistake. I actually got some great gains but it was probably only because I had such a solid base already because I was an athlete.
moving forward I have now ran 2 more cycles in my history in the last 1.5 yrs this will be my 3rd real cycle. I did alot of research before I got back into running any other cycles. Through this research I believe that for my goals of wanting to bulk and get quality gains that might be lighter than what other compounds could do but will be slower and i'm hoping that I will keep more of the musle mass I build during the cycle. I know that my diet determines everything about this. The first real cycle I ran I didn;t get a huge amount of actual mass because my diet wasn't what it needed to be now I keep my intake of protien at 300 g a day. My last cycle I made great gains and things went exactly as planned and I did gain 8lbs of actual muscle with a cycle of test run at 500mgs for 15wks with the addition of mast prop 100mgs eod for the last 6wks same as i'm going to do here it just hardens you up real nice at the end.. once I got back down to 14%bf I was weighing 8lbs heavier. I believe that the bold cyp is going to get me extra muscle mass on top of what I got last cycle.

My goals are to gain some mass of course how much i'm not sure but I have ran 2 other cycles with just test e 500mgs a wk split and I would finish them with mast prop 100mgs eod for the last 6 wks I like the way it really hardens me up. I would like to gain around 20-30lbs bulking on this cycle then at the end cut off the fat and water to end up around 10lbs heavier with muscle back down to 13-15%bf I believe this to be a realistic goal.

I train 6 days a week hitting my different muscle groups each day.I keep changing my routine also so that I don't let my muscles get used to my routine.

my concerns are i'm adding in bold cyp on this cycle. I have already found a location to be able to donate blood at and actually already have. I also hope that my decision to run bold cyp over undeclynate was the right decision. I made this decision because I wanted the bold cyp to start working faster and so I would be able to run a shorter cycle instead of 16 wks minimum i'm going to run 12wks with the bold cyp. I think that me adding the bold cyp will help me add some quality gains to my frame and hopefully keep a large portion.

Anyone especially with advice on the bold cyp my ears are wide open especially on the dose I have been thinking about raising it as high as 600mgs a wk. What do you think?

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  • Makwa
  • 1 year ago

Dump the mast p. Don't really see it adding much to this cycle and doesn't fit in with your bulking goal.

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  • piralien
  • 1 year ago

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  • Xxkawasaki92xx
  • 1 year ago

Shit bro looks like you've done your research I could take some pointers +1