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  • Nizzzen   •   Tue, Feb 28th, '17 19:55   •   4 replies, 345 views

Cycle layout

WeekTestosterone EnanthateDeca OxymetholonAnostrozolTren HCGWinny
1-4500mg400mg50mg ed 0.5mg e2d
5-14800mg (400mg mix )600mg1mg e2d500IU 3x Week e3w
15-20350mg Prop0.5 mg caber50mg ed0.5 mg e2d350mg500iu 3x week e3w
21-23350mg Prop0.5mg caber05mg e2d350mg500iu 3x week e3w40mg ed
24-27350mg Prop0.5mg e2d500.iu 3x week e3w40mg ed

Description, concerns and expectations

I'm 1.80 started with 89kg 11-12%bf
Want to pack on some mass before getting little leaner in summer. Have to say I never have a real high bf max of 15 when it's really bad. I also don't bloat a lot on any compound due to my metabolism and diet. Always eating clean, about 250g of protein 250-500g of carbs depending on the goal. Fat I don't count.
1at time winny 1st time Adrol together with teen

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Cycle progress updates

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  • PPGfreak
  • 1 year ago

27 week cycle?!

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I thought about coming off in between but If i do so I have to stop minimum 2 or 3 months to make it worth. Together with pct that's 3-4 month and a cycle of 3 month half year. That's a max of 2 cycles a year and unless u don't run huge amount I won't gain a lot. I know it probably sounds stupid but with a good Hcg protocol I think you can do this one or two times in life without permanent damage especially if your so young. I know ppl being on for 4 years and getting kids afterwards. I am seeing a Endo and he's of course not pleased with this plan but told
Me the risk is reasonable. I'm in week 13 right now so I could still drop it. I really wanted to include a tren blast and the only time I can do this bc of work and university is in the next 2 month. Bc I'd never manage to take tren and have tests or anything I really need to concentrate bc I sleep so fu king bad on tren

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Seems to be thing to do lately with all the young ones thinking that trt is a cool thing.

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